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10 Things Only Someone Who Goes To Manchester Metropolitan University Would Understand

10 Things Only Someone Who Goes To Manchester Metropolitan University Would Understand

Do you currently attend or graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University? If so, then this list will surely give you nostalgic feels. We've collected the things on campus that you will love to revisit!

To any students who have the pleasure of experiencing Manchester Metropolitan University, this one’s dedicated to you. This list will surely remind you of your time at this institution. Manchester Met is known for many things, but its amazing architecture is one of the most notable.

Eduroam-The Cycle

First things first, eduroam. We all know the process. You type in your username, password, tap the option for eduroam thinking you’ve successfully managed to do something uni related. You’re all motivated sitting in the library ready to get down to work. When all at once, things begin to go downhill…the browser starts to slow down, that irritating loading symbol appears on the screen. ‘unconnected from eduroam.’ Now in most cases this can happen in the space of a few minutes- and the destructive cycle continues! On the plus side the library receptionists are always on hand to help you through this undesirable experience, the connection seems to mysteriously ping back on for them. It simply refuses to cooperate for us students. On the good days though, you’ll fly through.

Questionable Decor In The Manton Building

If most of your classes are based in the Geoffrey Manton building, I reckon you can pull up a visual of what I’m about to describe. I’ll give you a starting point- travel to the back entrance, trek over the mild cobbles in whatever style footwear you decided on for the day, stare with apprehension at the revolving doors, then head toward them with student resolve. Beware stepping into the doors with someone else directly in front of you- two people rotating in that small a space is too much to think about.  Basically avoid close contact at all cost at this point. Once you clear the doors, congrats! You made it! Now steel yourself for the white polished floors that resonate the click of your heels up to the fifth floor. If you like that sort of audacity, you’re sorted.


Modern Design

If you’re like me and appreciate some spacious architecture, the majority of the Manchester Metropolitan University buildings sport an open and modern design. You may get lost to a confusing degree (excuse the pun) in the Business and Law School, but you’ll end up standing on some floor where you can breathe.

The Art & Fashion School

The Art & Fashion School is something on its own. Aesthetic is the word. Did I forget to mention the odd setting of the GM? As you descend the spiral staircase, you’ll need to do a full walkabout of all the different leather booths to see if any are empty, take care to duck under the staircase in the middle of the row in order to keep your head firmly on your shoulders. On a rare occasion you may find a free seat. On a rosy side note, the circle lights have a nice way of reflecting in the shining floor tiles.

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Let’s Talk About The Union

It’s a cushion filled haven of Starbucks and sofa lovers. The addition of the Krispy Kreme machine next to the coffee counter is bliss when your budget allows you the option of treating yourself. The staff are mainly students, so a silent conversation exists between the customer and server- ‘we’re in this together, so I’ll get you your coffee order, and we’ll both smile about it’ kinda thing. The only thing that the union never seems to have much of is fruit and the occasional bag of veg. Maybe I just go searching for stir fry ingredients too late in the day. The Manchester Metropolitan University’s Union building is enormous and a classic place on campus.

Society Upon Society

These are great to enrich your rare free time with, there are so many options to choose from! Athletic, academic, poetic, take your pick. Really the opportunities are somewhat endless.

Which Manchester Metropolitan University memory do you remember from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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