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6 Male Makeup Artists You’ve Got To Follow Today

6 Male Makeup Artists You’ve Got To Follow Today

Makeup isn't only for girls and these 6 male makeup artists are showing us the reason why! And we are sooo obsessed with them!

Makeup isn’t only for girls and these 6 male makeup artists are showing us the reason why! These superstar makeup influencers are all taking a step forward and showing us that beauty is boundless and full of creativity and opportunity! They love what they do and are never shy to hide that. With the enormous amount of talent they have, there’s no wonder why they wouldn’t show it off! Inspirational, beautiful, and stunning, these 6 influencers are sure to give you a reason to chuck them a follow.

1. Patrick Starr (@patrickstarrr)

We cannot start this list off without the all lovable Patrick Starrr, aka Patrick Simondac! He’s truly shaken up the beauty industry and shown us that men can do it too! As a massive influencer, in all ways of life, there isn’t anything to not love about Patrick! And we’re not the only ones to appreciate his talent! Patrick has shown us that beauty can come from all forms of life, make it big in the industry with a video called “The Power of Makeup” in which he did half his face with makeup, saying that both sides, makeup or otherwise are beautiful and there’s nothing truer! Taking on new strides, Patrick has collaborated with huge brands that we all know and love, such as M.A.C!

2. Kevin Kodra (@kevikodra)

Kevin Kodra is another inspiration male makeup artist that shows that us you should never be shy to self-express yourself in whatever way you want! And he really went to show that off with a full face of makeup for his high-school graduation photo! There’s no reason for you to have to hide who you just because of what people say and makeup is definitely something that can be worn by men as well as women!


3. Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733)

You absolutely cannot have this list without Manny! Manny has been a long contributor to the male beauty industry and it goes to show why! There are numerous videos of him showing how you can easily rock a full face of makeup without your beard in the way. Manny has long been giving tips and inspiration to all men and women alike for ways to improve your makeup in a way that suits you most! We absolutely love his eye makeup looks especially, it’s almost like there’s no one else who rocks lashes like he does!

4. Zackary Vang (@zackaryvang)

This 22-year-old makeup artist from Iowa is soon to rock the beauty industry with his insane talent and there’s a reason why! His dramatic looks are stunning and glamorous, why wouldn’t you follow him? With over 100k followers on Instagram, he has also started making Youtube videos in which you can truly see how he creates his beautiful looks.

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5. Jose (@laviedunprince)

Don’t let this baby face fool you, 27-year-old male makeup artist Jose will surprise you in more ways than one with the amount of talent he has! He doesn’t only do beauty looks that you can easily rock but he gets insanely creative. Jose’s ideas are thrown to life with only a few brushes and makeup palettes, there’s no limit to possibilities as long as he can think of it!

6. Ryan B Potter (@ryanbpotter)

Our last male makeup artist to hit this list has to be our youngest! 20 year old, Ryan Potter is here to shock you with the amount of talent he has at his age! This isn’t anything new to him though, Ryan has long been playing with makeup since he was 16, active on all social media sites with his fun character! We just know that he’s going to go far with the talent he has!

Which male makeup artists on this list surprised you today? Don’t forget to chuck them a follow and let me know down below who’s your favourite male makeup artist!

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