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Makeup Tips You Need For The Summer Heat

Makeup Tips You Need For The Summer Heat

Sweating off your makeup in the summer heat? We're here to help with the best tips for how to manage your makeup and look fabulous all summer!

As much as everyone loves summer, there is one downside to it. Your makeup melts off your face! It’s a sad but true fact that when you try to wear makeup in the heat you end up looking like a melting clown. With these tips, your makeup will not only stay on even in the blistering heat but it will also stay fabulous. No need to fear the heat, with these tips you’ll be a goddess!

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin is the first step. Doing this prevents your makeup from getting cakey and melting off. It also gets rid of the dead layer of skin on your face and makes your makeup go on smoother. Just to be clear, exfoliating your skin every day is not recommended as it can damage your skin.

But 2 or 3 times a week is fine just to keep your skin in check and make it smooth. Smoother skin also means the makeup will settle into your pores better so it will apply easier. It hydrates your skin and water is the key to healthy, well-nourished skin!

Our Pro Tips To Keep Your Makeup Fabulous In The Summer Heat

2. Prime Yourself

Primer is your best friend! I mean this tip technically applies no matter what the weather. Primer is a good base to make sure your makeup stays on and lasts all day. But this is especially important in hot weather. Having this base on your skin keeps everything in place longer so you won’t sweat it off as easily!

Our Pro Tips To Keep Your Makeup Fabulous In The Summer Heat

3. Setting Spray

Apply this throughout the day so you can keep fixing and adjusting as needed. An initial application once you’ve applied your face makeup and then again throughout the rest of your routine lets each layer set into your skin properly. It prevents any smudging, creasing, rubbing or sweating off during the day/night!

Our Pro Tips To Keep Your Makeup Fabulous In The Summer Heat

4. Lip Scrub

This lip scrub works as an exfoliator but for your lips. It removes any dead skin or rough parts on your lips. This makes lipsticks and lip glosses absorb easier when you apply them. It also looks better since lipstick on dry skin accentuates the bumpy parts on your mouth.

Our Pro Tips To Keep Your Makeup Fabulous In The Summer Heat

5. Moisturiser

Moisturiser also helps hydrate your skin. It works as another layer for your skin before your makeup goes on. It helps replenish your face and acts as another primer. Moisturiser makes your skin smoother and gives it a refreshed look and feel!

6. Liquidify Your Face

Liquid products are much better to use in the heat. Creme products turn cakey or melt off easier so use as many liquid and gel products as you can. A liquid foundation and concealer are more likely to hold up in hotter weather.

7. Dab Don’t Rub

The key to surviving the heat is to dab your products on. Rubbing looks streaky but dabbing helps you get deep into your skin. Use a damp beauty blender to apply it smoothly onto your skin. Just slightly wet it and then dab the product onto your face. The wetness of the sponge means the makeup won’t go on too dry!

Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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