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Makeup Tips If You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Makeup Tips If You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Getting the perfect makeup look can be tricky, when you have no idea what you are doing. Here's some makeup tips if you have no idea what you're doing!

It can be frustrating when it seems like everybody can do perfect makeup looks, when you turn on Instagram or You Tube and they all look flawless. But here are a few simple makeup tips to try to make your relationship with makeup a more positive one.  

1. Eyeliner stamp 

This has become my new best friend recently. I bought it on the Wish app for £2 and it has saved me so much time and stress. Rather than spending 1 hour reapplying my makeup when I mess up my flick, this easy stamp will allow you to master the perfect flick in minutes. Try it out and see if you can work with it.   

2. Spray on nail polish 

If you struggle with painting your nails and end up with nail polish all over your fingers, this could be perfect for you. This new spray allows you to spray it directly onto your hands and rub off the excess nail polish left. It minimises the mess and makes painting your nails a quick, painless task.   


3. Alternative eyeliner look 

If you aren’t keen on the eyeliner stamp idea, you can use cello tape to help you achieve the perfect eyeliner flick. If you put the cello tape from the corner of your eye towards your eyebrow, this will provide you with your line to follow for the perfect eyeliner look.  

4. Making applying mascara easy

If your mascara goes all clumped together when you apply it to your eyelashes. Try putting it in your bra or a glass of water to warm it up for 5 minutes. And then apply it to your eyes for an easy application.  

5. Contouring issues  

Contouring seems to be everywhere at the moment, they are selling kits and palettes to help you achieve this flawless look. I struggled until I read some advice which helped me so much, it was to follow the 3 method. This method suggests you do a number 3 shape on your face, from your forehead to your cheek and down to your chin. After doing the number 3 blend this in with the rest of your makeup for that perfectly contoured face.  


6. After no sleep 

Rather than putting your concealer in a semi-circle under your eye to cover up the dark circle, try making a triangle shape instead. With the triangle shape stretch it out over your face widely to help you look more awake. For those night outs on weekdays with a lecture in the morning, this is the perfect hack.  

7. After doing your eyeliner  

Keep a spare clean mascara brush for when you have just done your eyeshadow in case any specs get on your eyelashes. To prevent your eyelashes from being specked with dashes of grey, blue or green from your eyeshadow. If you don’t have a clean mascara brush, try and run your current mascara brush under some warm water to quickly clean it.  

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8. For extra thick lashes  

If you want uber, thick lashes that resemble fake ones, try layering powder between mascara coats to give your lashes that thick look. Or if you don’t have any lose powder, simply wait until your mascara is dry before doing the next coat. You get extra thick lashes without any of the stress and mess of lose powder getting over your face.  

9. Lipstick on the teeth disaster 

To avoid the makeup disaster of having lipstick all over your teeth, there are 2 tricks to avoid this. Firstly, put a finger in your mouth after applying your lipstick and pull it out, so your finger gets the excess lipstick, not your teeth. Or try using a piece of tissue paper and pressing your lips down on it, to avoid any excess lipstick getting everywhere!  


If you are also useless with your makeup and have any tips for us to share. Comment below and share your own tips and guidance for us!  

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