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Makeup Looks You Need To Try Now Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Makeup Looks You Need To Try Now Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I'm sure you've matched your makeup looks to your outfits many times, so why not go further and match it to your zodiac sign?

Do you absolutely love make up and creating new, unique looks with different outfits to achieve a whole different vibe? Do you love the creativity that make up allows you to have on a daily basis, to express who you are as a person? Have you ever challenged yourself to follow and imitate a your favourite Beauty Guru’s look?

If you are into zodiacs as well, take this as a challenge and match your zodiac signs with your favourite make up looks. Here is a list of 12 makeup looks for all 12 zodiac signs!


Being the first astrological sign of the zodiac, Aries are known as the ‘baby’. To keep in line with this, ensure your make up looks are simple yet colourful. Use bright colours like red to express your feelings since red is your colour!



Being an earth sign, Taurus love earthy colours like green, brown and cream. Simple yet chic, classy but not over the top. Brown eyeliners with green eyeshadow could be a unique combination! The green will blend nicely into the brown eyeliner giving it that natural look.


Cancers love simplicity that’s exactly how they love their make up looks! Minimalistic, simplistic and monochrome.


If you’re a Gemini, you definitely love going out of your comfort zone. For these reasons, try a wild, bright colour like yellow! Elevate your make up look with some yellow eyeliner or eyeshadow and watch your eyes pop!



Leo’s live by “Go bold or go home” and this should be reflected by their make up looks! Trust a leo to keep it simple yet bold at the same time.


Virgo’s are known for their practicality and this definitely rings true for their make up looks! Practical yet chic and expensive looking. Go for the usual smokey eye look with a pinch of extra. Use a highlighter to exaggerate the corner of your eyes and achieve an almost angelic look.


If you’re a libra then I’m sure you love the colour pink and would be over the moon to try out a gorgeous pink eyeshadow look. Blend well to achieve a neat and elegant finish. Instead of using eyeliner, try pink eyeshadow as a liner with a cut crease even maybe for your beautiful well put together make up look!



Since Scorpios are known as the femme fatales of the zodiac, your go-to look is inspired by Cleopatra. The look you want to achieve is loud, bold, dark, sexy and mysterious. Use black eyeliner to line your whole eye and black eyeshadow to blend it in well. This is probably the easiest yet sexiest makeup look.

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Sagittarius are known to be one of the most adventurous zodiac! They pride themselves in being fresh and natural looking. Stay low on the colours of the shadows, but focus the emphasis of the whole look to the eyeliner, creating any style that suits you!



Capricorn is the sign of cold and winter. They are known to be the most “classic” of all zodiacs and prefer sticking to certain mature looks. This is totally understandable for Capricorns. Not to mention, their ruling planet is Saturn, which rules skin so they probably have the best skin!


Aquarians are bold, unique and love trying out new things. They are the perfect people for experimentation. Be open to trying bright colours like lime green and yellow but remember to always keep it minimal.


Think iridescent, sparkles and rainbows! That’s exactly the look for all Pisces out there. Use the colours of the rainbow to create a beautiful princess-like look. Use iridescent highlighters as well to create a full look.


The next time you have a night out, feel free to follow these makeup looks for each of the 12 zodiacs!

Let me know what makeup looks are your favourite in the comments below!

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