The Best Makeup For Olive Skin Tones

As someone with an olive skin tone, just like you, I have struggled for many years with makeup. Often, high street’s makeup consists of orangey-based tones, however we olive skin’sters carry a more yellow hue to our skin – meaning that these high street options make us look more like oompa loompas rather than golden goddesses. Finally, I have come up with a few makeup staples specifically ideal for olive skin tones that don’t break the bank and rival any options offered by the high street. Below is some of the best makeup for olive skin!

1) Face: EX1 Foundation

Without a doubt, this is 100% the best foundation that I have ever come across. Quite often you hear about foundations that ‘look like your skin’, yet when you actually try them on, they’re as cakey as ever! This is different. This makeup was specifically designed for all of us with olive skin that struggle to find the perfect shade. The founder herself – Farah Naz struggled for ages (like us) to find the right foundation, and her solution was to create one for all of us to enjoy! If you’re someone who still hasn’t found the foundation for you… give this a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Want more good news ?! The price – it’s literally half the price of a normal foundation!


2) Concealer: Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

So this one isn’t just for those with olive coloured flesh. But it’s definitely a MUST for all of us whether you’re a makeup fanatic or someone who just applies on special occasions. It’s great for the under eye area – it doesn’t crease, great coverage but it can also be used in many other ways. Quite often I use it as a highlighter during my contour routine and can honestly say it does a great job and is very blendable.


3) Colour corrector: L.A. Girl

Those with more of a tan skin tone are more likely to show signs of pigmentation – so we need all the help we can get. Although I don’t do this every day, on days where I need fuller coverage, colour correction before concealing is the way to go!  I would recommend L.A GIRL Pro Conceal HD Orange corrector. The idea behind it is that it adds warmth back into areas that may have become a bit darker – great for covering up eye circles and provides a more natural finish than your usual light concealer.



4) Eyes: Naked 2 Pallet

I have spent so much money in the past buying eyeshadows just because they ‘look nice’, not actually paying any attention as to whether they suit me or not. I have learned to treat eye makeup in the same way as we all do with foundation – make sure it matches your actual skin. One I would recommend for all people with olive toned skin is the Naked 2 Pallet. The pallet itself is filled with a range of golden/bronzy tones perfect for slightly tanned skin.


5) Lips: NYX London

Again this lip choice is a steal of a price! In all my time, I’ve never found a better nude to match my skin. Time and time again, this is the only lip product I religiously replace and repurchase. The great thing about this product isn’t just its colour, but its amazing texture! We all love a matte lippie but this delivers the matte without drying out your lips – making it perfect for long term wear!


There you have it -all of the best makeup for olive skin if you struggle to find the perfect products to match. Comment down below your thoughts and any suggestions you may have on good products to use!

The Best Makeup For Olive Skin Tones

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