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The Kardashians Fired Long Time Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli But Why?

The Kardashians Fired Long Time Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli But Why?

In the latest Kardashian news, the Kardashian's have fired long-time makeup artist Joyce Bonelli. Here is what we know about the whole situation:

If you follow any of the Kardashians on social media, you might’ve heard of their makeup artist Joyce Bonelli. Joyce Bonelli has been working with the Kardashians for over a decade, but recently, the family have decided to cut ties with her and they’ve all unfollowed her on Instagram. But what could be the reason for why the family has decided to fire their makeup artist after all this time? Read on to find out!

1. She and Kim apparently parted ways months ago

It turns out that Kim already cut ties with Joyce months ago, but she would constantly lie about it so that people wouldn’t find out. She would fly out of town during big Kardashian parties, and would even post on Instagram about how she and Kim were “twins”.

2. She likes to take too much credit

While Joyce can take the credit for some amazing makeup looks, what she can’t take credit for is Kanye West’s (Kim’s husband) lyrics. But alas, she tried to claim that she came up with the tagline for Kanye’s hit “that s— cray”, which is obviously false. Not only that, she even tried to take credit for inventing Kylie’s big lips!


3. She launched her own beauty line

Joyce Bonelli announced the debut of her own makeup line, Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiques just last year. While this meant that she would have less time on her hands to work with the Kardashians, it also created some competition for the Kardashians’ own makeup lines.

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4. She tried to cheat the Kardashians out of money

Sources close to the Kardashians claim that Joyce tried to go around the Kardashians on a deal so that they wouldn’t make money out of it. When the rest of the Kardashian clan caught on, they all followed Kim’s lead by cutting ties with Joyce and unfollowing her on Instagram.


5. She’s adding fuel to the fire

After the Kardashians cut ties with her, Joyce Bonelli took to Instagram to post a photo of her in a bathrobe with the words “Fuck with me, I DARE YOU” written on it. This led people to believe that the split between her and the Kardashians was definitely far from amicable.

Do you agree with the reasons the Kardashians have for firing longtime makeup artist Joyce Bonelli? Let us know in the comments!

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