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10 Macaroons That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

10 Macaroons That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

For those of us with a nagging sweet tooth and a soft spot for small pretty treats, macaroons are the perfect way to satisfy both these whims. Macaroons can come in all colours, sizes and flavours and there definitely is some contest over where you can find the most delicious bite. Here is a list of some of the best macaroons that’ll make your mouth water and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

1. Mademoiselle Macaron, Edinburgh

This cute little patisserie in Edinburgh is known by all who visit as a hidden treasure within the already culturally rich, cobbled city. With friendly staff and a constantly changing flavours get down and sample their limited edition seasonal flavour – lavender!

2. Ladurée, Covent Garden

This place offers a much welcome hideaway to sit down and take a break from the hectic streets of Covent Garden and the promise of something comforting and sweet. Although Ladurée does other kinds of sweet treats, their macaroons are not to miss. These delicacies aren’t the cheapest though so be sure to savour every bite whilst you indulge! I hear their raspberry flavour macaroon is pretty fantastic.


3. La Dinette, Muswell Hill

In this small North London patisserie-diner the smells of freshly baked goods pump out daily through the kitchen doors and onto the street. The crème de la crème however is incontestably their macaroons, baked  daily by their dedicated team with love and care. Flavours range from chocolate to pistachio and lemon but the absolute best is unquestionably the salted caramel macaroon.

4. Pierre Hermé, London Selfridges

Known adoringly by fans as the Picasso of pastry and master of macaroons, Pierre Hermé’s macaroons are like none other. With a flair for creative combinations and the nice personal touch of giving each flavour its own French name, the whole experience will be one you won’t be forgetting very quickly.Try the milk chocolate and passion fruit Mogador or his best selling Ispahan containing lychee, rose and raspberry.

5. Lanka, Swiss Cottage, London

With simple flavours like vanilla, chocolate and raspberry to more interesting selections like green tea, sesame and Earl Grey, these delicious treats are available all year round to make your mouth water.


6. Fauchon, Paris

Founded in 1886, this gourmet food outlet is considered one of the best, with its macaroons being no exception. Why not try one of its specialities blackcurrant-violet and rose?

7. Matilda’s, Glasgow

In the heart of Glasgow’s West End this patisserie boasts of some delicious pistachio macaroons. So if you’re in town and fancy a try, pop in and see what the fuss is all about!

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8. Wittamer, Brussels

On the busy streets of a city renowned for its incredible chocolatiers, Wittamer offers something different with their delectable range of macaroons. Wittamer’s award winning delights are worth going out of the way for.

9. Amorino, Venezia

On the crowded and vibrant streets of Venice, you can find a wonderful hybrid of Italy’s specialty, gelato, with France’s macaroons. Have a You Moment and let the wonderful combination of cold sweet ice cream and warm crumbly macaroons simply melt in your mouth.

10. Patisserie Saint Tropez, Prague

Saint Tropez is in the centre of Prague hidden from street view in a shopping centre, but don’t let this put you off. These delights will literally melt on your tongue and definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.


So there you have our small selection of some of the places you should definitely try out if you can! Got any of your own macaroon suggestions for us? Comment below and tell us where your favourite place to indulge your sweet tooth is!

Featured Image Source: Instagram