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12 Luxury Travel Accessories Every Boujee Person Needs

12 Luxury Travel Accessories Every Boujee Person Needs


Looking for luxury travel accessories? Packing for summer isn’t about clothes anymore, these days it’s all about the details. So, whether you’re travelling alone across Europe or to Ibiza with friends, allow me to introduce to you a compendium of 12 chic travel accessories every bad and boujee traveller needs.

1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Nothing ruins a plane a rider faster than hearing a baby cry behind you or the consistent coughing of the person two rows away from you. So, having a pair of noise-cancelling headphones makes the journey that much more durable and allows you to zone out during the plane ride. A top pick for luxury travel accessories!


2. Face Masks

Everyone knows that flying can cause the skin to dry out and breakout, due to the environment being moisture-free. Therefore, the air actually draws moisture from wherever it can, including the skin! So taking face masks with you is a great way for you to sooth and hydrate your skin while flying. Be shameless with this as people are too polite to stare, and also you’d be surprised by how many people are familiar with sheet masks.

3. Travel Wallet

An underrated item to keep organised while lugging your suitcase in one hand while pulling your hand luggage in another. A travel wallet is deceptively roomy for carrying a passport, cash, credit cards, cell phone, and documents.


4. iPad

I never used to use my iPad up until recently I found out I was able to download episodes of Jane the Virgin (and other movies and tv shows) on Netflix. Which is great if you’re on a flight and need to binge watch the latest season of Power.

5. Camera

iPhones are great, but a compact digital camera is even better! Take multiple photos and videos without the iPhone notification of “storage is almost full” because no one wants to go through their media archive and delete bulks of photos, selfies, videos, and apps. Whats even better is that students get 10% off Canon cameras!


6. Travel Cushion

This is an absolute must if you hope to get some good sleep on a long haul flight! They provide amazing support for your head and neck and for the people that are claiming that travel pillows are ineffective. Unfortunately, these people have usually just tried the simple inflatable neck pillows.


7. Hand luggage bag

The makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife have created a polycarbonate case that is scratch-resistant with protective corner guards finishing it with a beautiful black matte finish. If you prefer to have a carry on that is an “all-in-one” then this is the ideal case.

8. Dry Shampoo

An absolute must have when talking about luxury travel accessories. Dry shampoo isn’t really even luxury, just an extra item- and if you’re going to pick any extra item, it should be this. Dry shampoo and I have a rocky history, however, after an extensive search of combing through different brands and cans, I can say, hand on heart, that the best dry shampoo out there is (from personal experience) the Bumble And Bumble Pret-a-powder tres invisible dry shampoo.

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9. Portal Power Bank

This is a handy device and necessary if you’re doubling up your phone as a camera! Having a little portable power pack means you can charge your phone on the go. I like the slimline ones so it doesn’t take up much room and isn’t bulky. Of course, it is another gadget you need to remember to charge each night!


10. Airplane Compression Socks

Another underrated item! Not to scare you but the risk of developing blood clots on a flight is low, it goes up as travel time increases! Flight socks help increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling and the development of blood clots on a long flight!

11. Protein Bars

Trust me, as a constantly-hungry traveller, I’ve been taking my own snacks ever since they stopped serving food on planes. I do this to make sure I’m still eating healthy (and not binging on airport junk food) and to save money. My personal favorite to snack on is a protein bar because it keeps me fuller for longer.


Travel Packing Cubes

I must admit, I’m not completely on used to using these, however, these are really handy in helping me separate my underwear and clothes. They help keep my suitcase organised and helps me to maximise suitcase space so that everything is neat and tidy. A great optionfor luxury travel accessories!

Which of these luxury travel accessories are you willing to splurge on? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Travelling!

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