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10 Lush Products You Need For The Winter

10 Lush Products You Need For The Winter

These are the best Lush products to help your skin get through the cold winter and autumn months! We've put together the top ones for you!

Lush products are hand down the best skincare brand and when it comes to winter then they know exactly how to keep our skin looking amazing and keep us feeling sensational. Winter is also the best time to look after ourselves and our skin just that little bit more because the cold weather can be damaging. Not only that but winter is the festive season and Lush have a whole range of products especially for Christmas which you need to buy either for yourself or a loved one. Here are 10 Lush products you need for the winter. (click on the image to shop the product).

1. Little Bottle Of Calm

Relax with a night in with this bath bomb called Little Bottle Of Calm which is packed full of great soothing oils like chamomile oil which is said to relax and sooth and lavender oil which is said to balance and calm. Run yourself a hot bath, pop the bath bomb in and let it get to work, it’ll probably be best if you went to sleep straight after for a great nights sleep. This is a new product and you can get one for £3.95.

2. Sleepy

Sleepy is a shower bomb which is a new product from Lush and promises a sound nights sleep. This little shower bomb is packed full of things which will make sure you have a great nights sleep like fine oatmeal which is soothing and anti-inflammatory, tonka absolute which will leave your skin smelling amazing and lavender oil which again is soothing and balancing. All you have to do is run this under your shower and use it like a shower cream until it runs out, this is sold for £2.75.


3. Cranberry Fizz

If you’re a make up lover then you have to add this lip scrub to your shopping cart because there is nothing worst than cracking lips when you have your favorite lipstick on, but if you’re not a make up lover and still hate when your lips are so dry during winter than you need this. Cranberry fizz is a lip scrub that will save your lips during winter, packed full of things like shea butter which will nourish and hydrate your lips and cranberry seed oil which will moisturize and protect them. You can get this lip scrub from Lush for £6.50 but hurry up because it’s limited edition.


4. Honey Trap

A lip scrub is just the first step in lip care the second is a lip balm which you can keep with you all day long either in your purse or in your pocket and apply it often to maintain those soft lips. So why not get this lip balm from Lush which will keep your lips soft and protected all day. This lip balm is full of honey which is moisturizing and a natural antiseptic, also oatmeal which is soothing and anti-inflammatory. You can get this lip balm for £7.50 and it will last you a long time.

5. Magic Crystals

Your body needs as much love this winter as your face so the shower scrub Magic Crystals needs to be in your shopping cart. This shower scrub is full of ingredients to refresh and brighten your skin, things like epsom salts, mint and sage which give off an amazing smell too. You can get yourself a tub of this new body scrub from Lush for £10.95/300g.


6. Sparkly Pumpkin

Okay okay I’ll admit this is more of an autumn one but this is amazing so I have to put this on the list, it’s a Halloween themed bubble bar which smells amazing and you can still use it in winter so stock up on these before they leave the stores. This is a sparkly bubble bar full of grapefruit oil which is refreshing and juniperberry oil which is cleansing and balancing. You can get one of these for £4.75, all you have to do is run it under the tap when you’re having a bath and crumble it up for loads of bubbles.



Lush have an amazing Christmas range which you can gift or use yourself (let’s be honest you’ll buy them to gift but end up using them yourself because they’re that good).

7. The North Polar Bear Left The Tap On

This is a bar of soap made just for Christmas (so hurry up and get this before there’s non left) which is perfect for those cold winter days. This may look like an ordinary bar of soap but it’s anything but, it’s full of ingredients like organic rice milk which is hydrating, ylang ylang oil which is sweet and jasmine which is floral and seductive, making this the perfect bar of soap this Christmas. You can get one from Lush for £5.95 each.



8. Candy Cane

This is a reusable bubble bar which is perfect to gift for Christmas, hang on the Christmas tree or a stocking filler (just make sure no one eats it). This is full of great oils like sicilian oil and bergamot oil which are cleansing and uplifting. You can get one from Lush for £3.95.

9. Snowman Bomb Bomb

This is a snowman bath bomb sure to go down so well with the kids, pop it in the bath and watch them be amazed at how it fizzes away. This bath bomb has one key ingredient which is spearmint oil which will leave your skin tingly and smelling fresh. You can buy one for £9.95 and gift or or use it to relax yourself after a long day of Christmas shopping.


10. Rudolph

Rudolph is a jelly face mask which is packed with ingredients such as orange peel, orange juice, and cocoa powder all of which are great for your skin. This mask will uplift your skin, make it softer, cleanse and rejuvenate so this face mask is worth the buy. You can buy this for £7.95/65g.


Which Lush products are you going to buy for winter? Let us know in the comments.

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