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12 Lower Ab Workouts For A Flat Tummy

12 Lower Ab Workouts For A Flat Tummy

Looking for a set of new lower ab workouts that will set your core on fire and will give you toned flat tummy? Check out these exercises!

Getting a flat tummy can be quite difficult and there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired results. If you changed your diet, make sure to drink enough water and do some cardio but still, the muffin top holds on to your body for dear life, try adding some lower ab workouts. You can do them at home or at the gym, they are easy to do but perfect to help you achieve the results you want! Believe me, your abs will be on fire with these 12 lower ab workouts!

Before trying any of these exercises make sure to properly warm up first!

1. Mountain Climber

The first on the list of lower ab workouts to help you achieve that flat toned tummy is a mountain climber. You can easily adjust it to your fitness level. Get your body in a high plank position, make sure your body and hips are straight. Then start lifting one foot, bring your knee to your chest. Repeat that with the other leg. If you can, push your feet off the ground to jump for the extra burn! 


2. Scissors

This exercise is perfect to tone that lower abs! Lie faceup with your hands behind your head, shoulders off the floor. Lift legs off the ground and scissor kick alternating your legs. Try not to touch the ground with your legs. 

3. Straight Leg Raise

This one of the lower ab workouts will leave your core on fire! Lie on the ground and place your palms under your butt. Lift legs together off the ground to a 90-degree angle and then slowly lower them to the ground again, however, try not to touch it.

4. Cross Body Climber

This exercise is similar to a mountain climber. The only difference – bring your left knee to the right side of your chest and vice versa. Kick your feet off the ground to add extra burn!


5. Roll Up

Lie on the ground with your feet flexed. Slowly lift your arms up and use your abs to gently roll your body up to the sitting position. Using your abs again, slowly lower your body to the ground again. This is definitely one of the best lower ab workouts for beginners!

6. V-Up

Lie faceup with your arms and legs extended. Using your abs, lift your arms and legs to meet in the air in the middle, rolling your core as you sit up. Then slowly lower your arms and legs to the ground.

7. Half Burpee

Burpees are probably one of the most hated exercises, but they are perfect to add to your routine if you want that toned flat tummy. Instead of jumping to the air, start your position in a squat, squeezing your butt and abs. If you want to focus only on your abs, don’t do the push-up, instead immediately jump your feet back and forward and stand up to the squat.

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8. Bicycle Crunch

Lie on the ground face up. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor, same with your legs. Bring them to the 90-degree angle position. Twist your core to bring your right elbow to your left knee, straightening your right leg. Then, repeat on the other side.

10. Hip Lift

Lie on the ground, lift your legs up to the ceiling. Curl your hips forward your ribs, lifting your legs slightly more. Then gently lower your hips.


11. Scissor Kicks

This is another one of the lower ab workouts perfect for beginners. Lay on the ground, place your palms under your butt. Lift your legs slightly off the ground, one higher and one lower, then slightly cross them in the air; then switch your legs and repeat the movement.

12. Elbow Plank

A plank, just life burpees, is probably one of the most hated, yet effective, workouts. It is a great lower ab workout as well, so if you’re looking for a flat tummy, definitely add it to your routine!

Do you like doing lower ab workouts? Share your favourites in the comments!
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