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Why I’m In Love With The L’Oreal X Isabel Marant MakeUp Line

Why I’m In Love With The L’Oreal X Isabel Marant MakeUp Line

Wondering what the L'Oreal x Isabel Marant makeup collection is all about? Let's break down all of these products from lipstick to brow gel down together.

French makeup is a complete mystery to me. The glowing skin, flushed cheeks and effortless cat eye flicks are so far beyond perfect, that is too difficult for anyone else to replicate. So, when I heard L’Oreal had teamed up with designer Isabel Marant, I was over the moon because the chance of replicating perfect French girl makeup might finally be achievable! Counting down to its release date on September 19th, here’s why I’m completely in love with L’Oreal x Isabel Marant makeup collaboration

1. It’s Affordable

As much as I’d love to be buying Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent makeup every week, I just can’t afford it which is why the L’Oreal x Isabel Marant collection is the perfect alternative. It’s possible to buy the whole collection for under sixty pounds, which I’ll admit sounds like a lot but when you think Chanel Rouge Coco range is thirty-one pounds per lipstick, getting an eye shadow palette, brow mascara, cheek tint, highlighter and a lipstick for fifty six pounds is pretty damn good.

2. The Eye Shadow Palette Is Lush

The palette created by Marant has the most beautiful shade of green ever. With it’s shimmery accents, it looks like the perfect colour for creating the ultimate French smoky eye. Alongside its jet black companion, there are countless options of eye shadow styles to create from just the two colours. The L’Oreal x Isabel Marant Smoke Palette even offers you a guide on how to create the perfect French woman eye. Unfortunately, it’s already out of stock, so make sure you get your hands on this when stocks return.


3. They Have The Coolest Branding Printed On The Side

The whole collection is named appropriately. For example, the Colour Riche Lipstick has “SMILE” printed in large white letters across its barrel, while the Brow Mascara has “WANTED” branded down the side and the Highlighter has been given the word “SHINE”. The bold white letters on the black background of each product makes everything look sophisticated and chic. In other words, very French indeed. You’ll definitely want to have the L’Oreal x Isabel Marant collection in your make up bag.

4. There Is Every Perfect Shade Of Lipstick Available

Of course a French designer would be able to create every perfect shade of lipstick. From the perfect nude pink to an alluring bright red, all the shades are at the absolute peak of perfection. And of course, they have all got really cool French names like La Seine Shadow for a lovely rose pink, Belleville Rodeo for a deep berry colour – I can see Caroline De Maigret loving that shade – and Pigalle Western for the brightest of bright reds. Honestly, you’ll want every shade of lipstick from the L’Oreal x Isabel Marant collection.

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5. It Is Created By A Wonderfully True French Woman

It would be a damn shame if this entire collection, created with the perfect French makeup in mind, was actually made by someone who was born in the USA or the UK. As much as I am an advocate for beautiful British makeup brands and I adore that they create British makeup trends, I am so glad that L’Oreal selected a woman who has all the knowledge of what being a Parisian woman means to collaborate with on this makeup collection. Isabel Marant is a beautiful French woman, who has taken the true allure of her heritage and created a dazzling makeup collection within the L’Oreal x Isabel Marant release. If it wasn’t made entirely by a woman (and French designer) who has the knowledge to breath the mystery of Parisian allure into the collection, well it’d all seem slightly imposter-ish. So, thank God Isabel Marant was born in Paris.

Will you be purchasing the L’Oreal x Isabel Marant collection? Let us know in the comments.
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