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Looking For A Great TV Series To Follow? These Are The Best

Looking For A Great TV Series To Follow? These Are The Best

If you're on the hunt for a new TV series to binge watch, whether that be on Netflix, or with that good ole' cable plan, then these are the best television shows to get into!

Bored at home and in need of a great TV series/show ? Well, thankfully you’re in luck. From Netflix to Hulu, to our regular televisions – there are so many fun TV series to choose from! If you’re a fan of the Netflix and chill activity, then we highly recommend a good binge watch of these TV shows. Here are some of our favourite TV series you we (almost) promise you will repeatedly binge watch everyday!

1. Riverdale

One of the best TV shows at the moments- All the teens and young adults are hooked on it , there’s suspense at every second of it & we can’t get enough of it. Also, all the characters are a 10/10 which makes it hard to look away.

2. Stranger Things

Another great show with lots of supernatural events & suspense- It will kill you every time you finish the last season, but at least you got to watch it all.


3. Atypical

Great show about autism & its pros / cons seen through the eyes of a high school boy-It will make you laugh, cry & see the world in the different way.

4. American Horror Story

You might have watch all the seasons but it never gets old- The horror is so captivating & well done that you will want to rematch each episode.

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5. Scream Queens

With similar characters as in AHS, you will love this one if you’re a drama queen yourself.

6. Siren

One of my current favourites, the new episodes are coming out soon but being patient is really hard. The amazing Eline Powell plays the role of a mermaid in it, and with society obsessed with mermaids it makes this show incredibly addicting.

What’s your favourite TV series to binge watch? Let us know in the comment section below!

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