10 Long Layered Necklaces We Wish We Owned

The easiest way to spice up an outfit is to accessorize it, and these long layered necklaces are a simply way of making your t-shirt and jeans look like you’ve actually put effort into what you’re wearing! Here are some of my favourite long layered necklaces I wish I had in my jewellery collection.

Geometric Shapes

This set of necklaces is simple but elegant, but the sharp geometric shapes give it an edgy feel.

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Turquoise necklace

This beautiful turquoise layered necklace is everything we’ve ever wanted to give a boho vibe.

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Loads of layers

You can never layer too many necklaces, and I love how the layering here starts with a choker and then ends with a pendant.

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I love the bead detail on the chain of this necklace, as it gives it a unique quality.

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Horn detail

I love that the focus of this necklace is the horn detail right in the centre.

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Folded metal

The folded metal on this necklace will instantly make your outfit look so much more expensive.

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Dainty chains

This delicate dainty chain are super feminine and something I need and want!

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See Also

Gold pendent

Layering lots of gold pendants is a unique way of bringing a bit of colour to a monochrome outfit.

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Statement layering

Heavy layering with silver jewellery will give a bold statement to your look but with a boho edge and I’m obsessed with it.

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Layered Chains

Why not keep it simple and just layer some beautiful chains to keep your look elegant.

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Which of these long layered necklaces do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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