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15 Signs You Have A Long Distance Best Friend

15 Signs You Have A Long Distance Best Friend

There are lots of ups and downs to having a long distance best friend. If you don't get to see your BFF often, here are signs it's long distance!

Your wifey-for-lifey can either live 3 hours or 3 days away, but that doesn’t matter because even if you don’t chat every minute of every day, there’s still nothing but love. Read on for 15 things you can relate to if you have a long distance best friend!

1. WhatsApp is endless.

The conversations, be they long or short, never really truly end. WhatsApp is constantly lighting up on your phone and seeing her name pop up just makes your day.


2. Filter-free selfies.

Those ugly face pictures are often seen as ammunition for Facebook mortification, but it’s really a sign of trust, endearment, and shameless shits and giggles.


3. Skype dates.

Finally deciding a time that’s convenient for you both to chat, depending on time-zones etc., is a task in itself, and one that has you buzzing for the gossip all day long.

4. Missing Skype dates.

That being said, we’re grown ass women and got a lot of shit to do, but neither gets too upset if the planned skype date doesn’t happen, because you both know it will happen eventually.


5. 7.43 minute phone-calls.

You’re crazy busy and rushing to work, but she calls you quickly with scandalous news involving a drunken night out, and it’s worth your boss yelling at you for being 5 minutes late.


6. Tag, tag, tag.

Facebook is wonderful for uniting those of us who like to laugh at ridiculous things, and this includes constant tagging in pictures with relatable and not so relatable posts saying ‘THIS IS SO US.’


Similar to tagging in posts, but only a billion times better, because most memes involve heartfelt misspelled speech bubbles of you and your bestie’s favourite dogs.


8. Constant creeping.

Has to be done–there’s nothing like “liking” all your bestie’s photos and statuses from years ago, including the days of having a side-fringe and mismatched foundation, to show you’re missing them dearly.


9. Booking time off.

You constantly and frantically check your work roster to see if you can squeeze a sneaky break away to see your bestie, or vice-versa, and if a colleague tries to swap shifts, you point blank refuse.

10. Having to cancel.

This unfortunately has to happen, because if it didn’t, y’all wouldn’t be true friends.


11. Attempt no. 2.

So you’ve both cancelled, but that has never stopped you, and it never will. Not even a day later and you’re both looking at the cheapest travelling options available, along with the cheapest alcohol.


12. Plans for shenanigans.

Alcohol bought, so you both plan where to go, what to see, and most importantly; where to dance your asses off. The anticipation is palpable as you buy your tickets online and pack a bag.


13. Commencing travel.

You’re walking, cycling, on the bus, train, plane, ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU’RE GOING TO SEE YOUR BESTIE.


14. Pre-meetup jitters.

Okay, so you’re going to see her but what if you’ve gotten fatter since you last saw her, or worse…what if she has gotten thinner? You then worry about being the ugly friend before slapping yourself and realising that none of that stupid shit matters.

15. Reuniting at last!

You see her, she sees you, and all hell breaks loose. Screaming, hugs and tears, and you cling to her like your life depended on it, despite the frightened glances from other people around you.


And despite having to leave, you know that she’s always going to have a place in your heart and soul, and that she’s always at the other end of the phone.

What else can you relate to if you have a long distance best friend? Let us know in the comments below!
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