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10 London Summer Events You Need To Go To

10 London Summer Events You Need To Go To

If you are a London resident or visiting London for/during the summer, here are the top 10 hot London summer events you need to attend this year.

SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER! As everyone’s (aka – every British person’s) favourite time of year is approaching we begin preparing our adorable summer wardrobes, hot summer retreats and our favourite summer events! If you are a London resident or visiting London for/during the summer, here are the top 10 hot London summer events you need to attend this year.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding weekend!

Unfortunately for the majority of us it seems our invite got lost in the post, but I am sure that won’t be stopping anyone using their wedding as an excuse to get merry the weekend of the 19th-21st of May, right? As a tradition, near enough every pub and bar in the UK will be rammed-packed by people ready to cheer a pint to our favourite Prince. There are also many afternoon-tea events held in London over the weekend, all inspired by the royal wedding: The Savoy, The Rubens at the Palace, Anna’s afternoon tea at Grosvenor House.

Live West End in Trafalgar Square

From the 16th to the 17th June, Trafalgar Square will be hosting one of the biggest events this summer. West End Live. An opportunity for everyone around the UK to visit London for a fun weekend of dancing, singing and don’t worry… drinking. Expect thousands of people to go watch some of the best West End actors and performers on stage for FREE!


Royal Ascot Horse racing

If you are a lover of betting, horses or getting dressed up in your best glad-rags this is a fun day out for all! One of the biggest events in London held each year brings people together for an occasion filled with drinking, socialising and the best-of-the-best fashion. What more could we ask for? There are tons of London summer events to choose from!

South Bank’s Underbelly Festival

In 2017 the Underbelly Festival made its debut in South Bank with much hype and attention. This event last’s all summer long, with the best entertainment available: comedy-acts, artists, bars, amazing food, a fun circus and theatre.

2018’s Wimbledon Tennis Match

One of London’s biggest sporting events is back – from the 2nd to the 15th July. For many people, this is the best event held in London, attracting over 500,000 people and thousands of TV-watchers. A day fuelled with anticipation, excitement, jolly-spectators and great food is an event not to be missed!



One of London’s biggest and most-loved festivals is back… but heading South. This year Lovebox will be held at Gunnersbury Park. Expect to see even bigger and better performances, food, artists, music and lights! A total mix of the best music with artists from Skepta, Jon Hopkins, Gambino and DAVE.

Somerset House: Film4 outdoor movie screen

Everyone loves an outdoor cinema, right? Or even the idea of going to one? Well, from the 9th – 22nd August, the beautiful Somerset House is hosting an outdoor Film4 screening of classical movies. A great event to go for a lovely picnic date, a chance to get drunk with friends or a nice evening out with family.

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Notting Hill Carnival

This wouldn’t be the ultimate London summer events without including the infamous Notting Hill Carnival. If this is something you haven’t attended nor ever heard off, where have you been? A Caribbean festival that overtakes West London’s streets is packed-full of bright colours, elaborate-outfits, fun-drunken-punters and extravagant floats. Get involved in Caribbean music, dancing, culture and foods this summer from 25th – 27th August.

London’s Pride Parade

On the 7th July, Pride makes a comeback, dominating our streets with the biggest, most elaborate and powerful parade of the year. A day fuelled by love, acceptance, happiness and a sense of community brings everyone together for a day filled with fun! A party like this parade held in central London at Trafalgar Square brings not only the LGBT+ community together, but everyone around to stand towards equality and acceptance.

BBC Proms in the Park

This event lasts all summer long; expect the best kinds of classical music, well-loved presenters and West End performers. The finale night is a festival that rounds up the success and love from the long months before-hand. People come together and enjoy the culture of London and the talent it has to offer. The event is held in the beautiful Hyde Park on the 8th September.

Which of these London summer events are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!
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