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London Cafes You Need To Be Photographed In

London Cafes You Need To Be Photographed In

These London Cafes will have all your followers asking how you managed to snap such a good photo! Check out these London Cafes when you get the chance!

London is full of picturesque spots and little hideaways. However, sometimes it may be hard to know where to go and where to find the most aesthetically pleasing spots to make your Instagram feed pop.

Rather than choosing famous tourist spots, I’m here to help you find the best treats in the city!

The Knot

A very tasteful cafe with the best churros I’ve ever had!


This small cafe has a range of regular churros with dipping sauce as well as their own unique recipe glazed and chilled churros. They also have a range of drinks available as well as a lunch menu.

Now for the aesthetic qualities.

The cafe has a very quaint diner vibe complete with booths and pastel colours. They also have a bench set up which is perfect for your Insta moments in this little cafe. This photo corner features neon lights, flowers hanging from the ceiling, and plants either side of a photo ready bench to get the perfect picture.



Elan, located in Knightsbridge, is the place to be for a dreamlike aesthetic all around.

Whether you’re fueling up before Harrods or trying to relax after an intense shopping day, Elan is the place to be for a unique and beautiful experience.

The interior is adorned with pretty pink flowers and decor making it perfect to snap a few selfies. They even have a pink carousel horse inside the venue for something extra but that’s not all.


The drinks themselves are photo-ready. Be sure to try their Ruby Latte if coffee is your thing. If not, their teas come in a transparent pot, infused with a flower inside.

You will not be disappointed at Elan.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

If you love cafes, cats, and taking some time out of your day to relax, this is the place for you.


This lovely cafe has a wide range of treats for you as well as ample time to spend with the cats of the cafe. The cats really are the main attraction of this London Cafe and provide a great experience for animal lovers who wish to get away from the hustle of the city and destress with some new feline friends.

You will have plenty of pictures of your lovely cafe drinks along with cats happy to be given attention by the passers-by.

Make sure to follow the house rules though. You wouldn’t want to cause any upset to the cats who reside in the cafe.


You will have to book your place ahead of time but it’ll be worth it in the end when you finally have your time in this lovely pet-friendly space in London.

Shoreditch Grind

If you like your cafe’s chill and uncomplicated, visit the Grind.

Not only is it a cafe and known espresso bar, but it is also a cocktail bar and all-day restaurant. It also features a recording studio upstairs for musicians who find themselves drawn to what the Grind has to offer.


The circular building features a vintage movie theatre sign with lights clearly stating the name of the establishment. The interior also channels a vintage vibe with rustic, exposed walls, and tiled bar.

Neon signs in the cafe are also heavily photographed against the rustic exposed bricks.


Technically a restaurant, Genesis is a perfect vegan place to have a late lunch or a coffee with a treat.


Genesis thrives on being an establishment committed to vegan food and sustainable living. It also thrives on having a strong aesthetic which features neon lights, pink tiles, and alchemy themed decor.

The decor itself gives off a futuristic feel, something that feels very high tech and like it belongs in a time way in the future when we save the planet and cut down on waste.

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So if you’re vegan and want to experience this aesthetic for yourself, visit Genesis for a unique afternoon coffee or evening drink.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Perfect for a sunny day in London, this little cafe and bakery has a lot to offer.

From extravagant cakes to beautifully crafted coffees, this bakery is perfect for a sunny day when you can take a seat outside in front of the millennial pink exterior complete with a varied floral decor.


The location itself also makes for a good photo opportunity, located in the lovely area of Belgravia away from the busier parts of London mobbed with tourists.


Afternoon tea has never been this eventful.

Sketch prides itself on being a venue with four themed rooms which all differ from one another and offer a unique experience.


The Gallery offers afternoon tea seated in pink cushioned booths in a large room lined with art on the walls.

If you fancy something different, The Lecture Room offers lunch and dinner in a beautiful bright space that somehow captures the look of a sunset.

The Parlour also offers breakfast and lunch along with drinks due to its late opening hours. Check out their unique ballet feet chair legs!


The grandest room of all is The Glade, decorated to capture the feeling of a magical forest. The tinted glass ceiling, extravagant furnishings and forest imagery make for a very stunning photographic opportunity.

As if that wasn’t enough, check out their bathrooms for the added wow factor of being in a pod.

Next time you meet up with your friends, suggest one of the above places for a special afternoon sit down in London! Which of the above venues do you just HAVE to snap a photo of? Let me know!

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