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5 London Based Henna Artists You Must Check Out

5 London Based Henna Artists You Must Check Out

These are some of the most popular London based henna artists that you will love! Here are their Instagram accounts for you to follow!

While traditionally being used on South Asian Brides, Henna designs have become a world-wide art form for many different occasions. Popularised in South Asian, Arab and African culture, this dye was used as a form of body art often on the hands and feet of women during wedding rituals. Now, we’re seeing a big rise of this intricate art form on a diverse group of people, for a diverse number of occasions, or even no occasion at all. So, if you’ve got a special occasion coming up or if you’d simply like to experiment with a temporary tattoo, here are some London based henna artists you must check out on Instagram!

1. @fusionfashionista

This London based henna artists is not only a modest fashion blogger but she is also the first person to use Jagua gel for her Henna tattoos. Based in London, Nissa Hussein decided to find an alternative for black henna dye because it is illegal in the UK. Instead, she decided to use Jagua, a fruit that grows in South America which was traditionally used as cultural body art for many centuries. Her work has an elegant touch with light floral designs and Aztec patterns.

2. @salimas_makeover

Salima Virani is based in Edgware, London and deals with hair, makeup and of course henna. This artist tends to do more traditional South Asian Mehndi patterns with her own unique touch but her designs are always effectively stunning and from her Instagram page, it is clear that she leaves every bride that comes her way satisfied.


3. @lal_hatheli_london

Don’t forget to check out one of these trendy London based henna artists artist in Ilford, London. Whether she is doing extravagant bridal henna, or more simple and classy designs for other occasions, it is obvious that she puts great thought and effort into her work. If you’re looking for a henna artist who can cater to whatever individual taste you may have, this is the one for you.

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4. @sabsshenna

If you’re interested in trying African and Arab style henna, then Sabshenna is a must! This artist is based in North West London and rising in popularity. Her henna style is extremely sophisticated with thin circular patterns. Her attention to detail is spectacular as she perfectly nails all of her designs.

5. @sararamehndi

Last but not least, if you are searching for an artist who is creative, innovative and absolutely talented then search no more. Sarah Mehndi caters to a diverse audience from elegant Arab style henna to more ornate South Asian mehndi. Her work is always professional and perfectly done as she makes sure that her designs are distinct and artistic.

What are some of your favorite London based henna artists? Let us know in the comments below!

Feataured Image: Weheartit