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A Liverpool Local’s Look Inside Bold Street Coffee

A Liverpool Local’s Look Inside Bold Street Coffee

Bold street coffee is unlike any other coffee place in Liverpool, England. It's a mix of coffee shops, cafe's, clothing shops, restaurants, and more. Bold street easily has some of the best coffee places, and these coffee stops are the best of the best.

Bold Street is the place to go if your craving a great coffee in Liverpool. The street comprises of bookshops, vintage clothing shops, restaurants and coffee hang-outs. Now, whether I’m working, studying or shopping, a caffeine fix is always needed. But with so many to choose from, how do we decide? That is why I have compiled a list of a Liverpool Local’s look inside Bold Street Coffee.

1. Eastern Avenue Bakehouse

This place is a beautiful restaurant and artisan bakery but its coffee is second to none! It uses its own East Avenue Bakehouse blend to make an array of drinks including the ever -popular chai latte! If you want a peaceful and relaxing environment within which to enjoy your caffeinated beverage, there’s no better place.

2. Café Latino

Now this secret spot is hard to find but once you find the door and head up the stairs, you will be met with that sweet Italian aroma. Having lived in Italy for a while, I can testify that this is the only place in Liverpool that offers a truly authentic taste of Italia and the same goes for the coffee too! Very traditional and simple but sometimes that’s all you need.

3. Leaf

Leaf is one of the best bold street coffee places. The shop is always full to the brim giving it a lively and energetic atmosphere plus it always has the best tunes! Its low lighting, jazz bar vibe makes this place the perfect hang out to enjoy everything from espresso macchiato to Cortado!

4. Soul Café

If you fancy sitting on the dock of the bay after a long day shopping, Soul Café is the place to go. This place is super relaxed and serves the most comforting soul food in Liverpool. But aside from that, its locally supplied blend of the freshest ground coffee is enough to warm the soul.

5. Café Tabac

Located near the top of Bold Street is Café Tabac whose coffee, cocktails and cinema provide a truly chilled bohemian vibe within which to enjoy your hot drink.

6. Maggie Mays

Easily the most Liverpudlian eatery on Bold Street. Representing Liverpool’s Irish diaspora, this place serves a good, simple cup of coffee to go with a big bowl of comforting scouse stew.

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7. Kasbah Café Bazaar

This cool Moroccan restaurant transports to you to the middle east instantly with its relaxing music and cool décor. It offers all of the usual Mochas and Cappuccino but its original Moroccan coffee blend is the perfect caffeine comfort.

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8. Artisane

Bonjour mes amis! We’ve tried Italy and the middle-east now let’s try this fabulous French style bakery. We all know the French are famous for their cakes and pastries and you will be knocked over sideways with the smell of freshly baked baguettes when you walk in to this place. The coffee is creamy and delicious and the perfect accompaniment to a pain au chocolat!

9. Love Thy Neighbour

This place does atmosphere right! Moody lighting and funky tunes, it’s cocktails and smoothies provide a great nourishing,helathy boost but it’s all about the coffee for me. It does a great Ristretto but more importantly serves Affogato which if you don’t already know, is a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured on top. È Bellissimo!

10. Café Nero

Yes, you can find a Nero on any street corner in the UK but it doesn’t mean the coffee isn’t great. Sometimes you can’t beat the sounds of blues, swing and jazz as you plant yourself among the warm oak tones of any Nero coffee shop. There’s one on Bold Street too for those who don’t like change. However, for the most adventurous among you, give the others a go!

Will you be getting Bold Street coffee in the near future? Let us know in the comment section below!

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