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10 Lipstick Shades Everyone Should Try

10 Lipstick Shades Everyone Should Try

If you are just starting your makeup collection or you want to branch out a little bit, here are 10 lipstick shade you need to try.

If you are just starting your makeup collection or if you want to expand the collection you already have, we have composed a list of 10 shades of lipstick every girl should own. There are no rules when it comes to lipstick these days, so the only thing that matters is how comfortable you are wearing it. You may already own some of these lipstick shades, and others may be slightly out of your comfort zone, but here are our top picks.


There are hundreds of nude lipstick shades out there and there will definitely be one that is perfect just for you. This will be one of those lipsticks you can wear with anything and that is your go-to when you don’t know what shade to wear. My personal choice is Mehr by MAC, because it’s a very similar shade to my natural lip colour and I can define my lips without actually giving them a colour that is not their own.


Another shade every girl should have is a nice pink, a nice subtle tone that gives your lips some colour without going overboard. My go to when it comes to pink is the retro matte liquid lipcolour in Gemz & Roses by MAC, I love this shade because it’s not only pink but it has a subtle glitter going on as well, which makes perfect for both day and night occasions. There are so many lipstick shades you can go for when it comes to pink so just find the right one for you.



Every girl should own a good red lipstick, one that doesn’t go all over the place, smudges everywhere and ends up mostly on your teeth. My personal choice would be Vixen by the brand Illamasqua, what is great about this shade of lipstick is that its not only red, it’s a marble lipstick, which means that it has multiple tones inside to make the colour of your lips always a little bit different and always unique.

Burgundy red

The perfect lipstick for fall and winter is in a burgundy red. It’s a buildable shade, so you don’t have to have to wear it really dark, you can just do a thin layer of it to give your lips some colour, but at the same time you can do multiple layers of it to really give it its best tone if you want to. It’s a shade that suits all skin tones, so if you don’t own one yet you should definitely consider it for your next purchase. My personal favourite for this colour is the matte liquid lip colour in N°03 by KIKO Milano.

Bright pink

This shade is a bit more on the quirky side, maybe not for everyone, but it suits every skin tone from the darkest to the fairest. The one I would wear is the semi-matte lipstick in the shade Schiap by NARS, it’s very vibrant and perfect in the spring and summer time as it brings out some colour to the everyday life.



Probably the safest and basic lip colour ever, but lip-glosses are a must. You need to find the right one for you, the one you are comfortable taking everywhere, especially when you are on the go. My choice for this would be the Sunset Berry Juice by Victoria Secret. It’s a nice gloss with a tinge of berry to it, so it’s really appropriate for both night and day.


Having a nice warm brown can set the tone for your fall and winter outfits. It’s a fierce colour that everyone can pull off. My preference would be the shade Stone by MAC. Its quite a neutral cold tone brown, but it still gives character to your outfit, it’s classy and stylish at the same time. However, if your preference is more towards a warmer toned brown then go for it, as again there are tons of lipstick shades to chose from.

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Purple / Berry

Purple is one of those shades that suits everyone, but at the same time not everyone feels confident enough or likes to wear this kind of shade. When I wear a berry shade lipstick I will very likely be wearing Girl, Bye by NYX cosmetics. It’s a really deep shade of purple, that is perfect for fall and winter and during evening occasions.


Peach is a very simple tone that everyone can wear, it’s the shade between the true nude tone and the pink. My go to is Nude Crème by Milani, it’s a lipstick that smells and feels amazing and its perfect for the everyday life.


Lastly, is orange. Now, I wasn’t sure if I should have orange on this lips because I have a very fair skin tone and it doesn’t suit me that well, however it suits most skin tones and I wanted to keep that into consideration. You can wear a very bold orange or a more natural subtle orange nude. I don’t have a personal favourite when it comes to this shade because as I said its not really the colour for me, but if you have suggestions you should definitely comment them down below.


So, there you have it, 10 lipstick shades everyone should try and add them to their collection. Comment down below with any other suggestions you might have.

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