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How To Re-Create Lily James’ Outfits In ‘Mamma Mia 2’

How To Re-Create Lily James’ Outfits In ‘Mamma Mia 2’

Lily James sports a colorful wardrobe with a wide range of outfits as young Donna in Mamma Mia 2. Here's how you can do the same!

Let’s be honest – we all saw Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again and came out confused about whether we wanted to be Lily James or marry her. Her iconic free-flowing blonde curls and bohemian style had us all lusting for a slice of Young Donna’s lifestyle (and maybe just one affair out of the three would be great, thanks). Luckily, I’ve broken her style down to the bare essentials so you can re-create her outfits without spending a ton of money!

Shine Brighter than the Greek Sunshine

Colours play an essential part in Young Donna’s wardrobe. Her bright and vivacious personality is reflected in the vivid hues she wears. From the beginning of the film she shines in yellows, oranges, and blues, which all happen to be part of the quintessential Mediterranean colour palette! We first see Donna sporting an orange jumper and blue hat in Paris, and then she moves on to an orange skirt, blue bikini, and yellow top as just some of the outfit staples Lily James wears on Kalokairi.

Let it Flow

Young Donna’s style is undoubtedly bohemian and has a sense of freedom about it – after all, this is the 70s! One of her favourite pieces seems to be a lovely orange maxi skirt she is seen wearing in two different scenes; once in the bar with Young Tanya and Rosie, and once when she frolics in an orange grove. Long, flowing skirts are everywhere at the moment – get one in yellow or orange to match best!


Blend in With the Landscape

As noted, Donna tends to adjust her style to where she is. She wears a denim skirt when she is surrounded by water on the boat with Young Bill, and a blue bikini top with denim shorts when out on another boat with Young Sam. The blue blends in with the beautifully clear water that surrounds her on both occasions and makes her hair and eyes pop even more. The orange, yellow, and ivory hues she wears blend firstly with the terracotta shades of her travels before she reaches the island, and then with the worn buildings and outfits of the people there.

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Confidence, confidence, confidence!

If there’s one thing Donna isn’t lacking in her youth or middle age, it’s confidence! She struts around in many, many different textures, from frills, to ruffles, to knots, ribbons, and double denim, somehow managing to look fabulous in all of them. It’s all down to the way she presents herself. Donna knows she looks good in everything, from baggy dungarees to dangerously short skirts and flowing tops, and this confidence translates on screen. Take inspiration from her, and don’t be afraid of texture! Something you thought you hated might become your new fashion fave!


These Boots are Made for Walking

Finally, how could we not mention Young Donna’s footwear favourite – low-cut cowboy boots. Although we only actually see her feet in a few scenes, Young Donna is either wearing a pair of dusty beige boots, platform boots, or nothing at all. Lily James pairs them with everything from short to long skirts, kaftans, bustier tops, and more. There is simply nothing a flattering cowboy boot cannot be paired with, and Young Donna proves this. Take it from her – cowboy boots this year are as essential as cartwheeling barefoot through an orange grove and are a Young Donna staple.

And there we have it – 5 tips so you can be as radiant as Young Donna and live your best bohemian life in flowing skirts and exist only in aesthetically pleasing hues – put on a disarming smile, hold your head high, and explore the world living out your Lily James dreams!
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