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Top 10 Lifestyle Apps To Help You Feel On Top Of Life

Top 10 Lifestyle Apps To Help You Feel On Top Of Life

Top 10 Lifestyle Apps To Help You Feel On Top Of Life

Life is often stressful. You feel like you’re drowning in jobs or lacking certain skills. There is plenty of advice out there to help you through. There are also plenty of lifestyle apps that claim to work. Most are useless and a waste of memory space on your phone. However, some are actually useful.

Here are ten lifestyle apps that will help you progress.

Make Me Better

The Make Me Better app aims to help users gain motivation and develop their personality. It provides self-help tips, inspirational quotes, productivity skills, and motivational stories. Daily notifications provide you with tips and quotes, teaching you about goal setting, communication skills, altering lifestyle choices, and time management.


Journal It!

This app helps you plan your days and aims to stop you forgetting things you need to do. It’s more complex than a physical diary because it also helps you track progress for journeys you’re taking, be it achieving a goal or doing a project, this app helps you document it all. Inputting the data is real motivation to get things done.

Top 10 Lifestyle Apps To Help You Feel On Top Of Life


This app disables your phone to prevent procrastination. You set a timer for the length of time you want to concentrate on a task for and leave it alone. If you get the temptation to pick your phone up, the app remains open and you have to ‘kill’ your tree to use a different app. Once you come to the end of the designated time your tree is added to your forest. This is really useful if you’ve got a lot on but can’t concentrate.


Year in Pixels

There’s something satisfying about documenting how well each day has gone. This colour-coded app allows you to track your daily moods and look at an overview of a week, month or year to check the patterns. This is useful because you can see if there are certain things that are regularly affecting your mood and change things to help improve your state of mind.


Headspace’s guided meditation sessions are a great help for people who struggle to work out how to meditate but want to get their thoughts and worries under control. It makes meditation seem simple and teaches you how to lead meditation sessions for yourself. Unfortunately, the subscription fee is quite high so it’s not as effective as it could be if more of the content was free.


You’ve probably seen the ads for this on Instagram. This AI money-management bot sends regular messages to keep you in control of your finances. You can set a budget and Cleo will let you know when you’re nearing your target and when you’ve gone over it. The app tracks what you spend and where, which can help you realise what you need to cut back on and how to save money.



Perhaps this shouldn’t make it to a list of lifestyle apps because it doesn’t affect the way you live your life. However, this app tracks the countries you have visited and puts them all onto a map. Admittedly, it doesn’t affect everyday life, but it is VERY satisfying to have this information together. Seeing where you’ve been and where you want to go motivates you to reach your goals and go on holidays.

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Top 10 Lifestyle Apps To Help You Feel On Top Of Life


Life Hacks

Reduce some of the frustrations of everyday life with this database of life hacks. These simple tips can revolutionize the way you do the most basic of tasks. Not all of them will ever come in useful but some will have a great impact.


This app allows you to keep on the same page as the rest of your household. You can assign tasks, add to shared shopping lists, and add events to a group calendar. You can sync this app across as many devices as you like to transform the way your home is managed.

Map My Walk

Map My Walk tracks your route, distance and pace when walking. This is great for users who are trying to get fit because it gives you statistics to help improve your performance. Despite the name, this app can also be used to track running, cycling, and many other physical activities. It doesn’t pressure you to exercise in the way many fitness apps do, meaning it’s useful for people who don’t want strict training routines.


Top 10 Lifestyle Apps To Help You Feel On Top Of Life

Have you used any of these lifestyle apps? What did you think to them?

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