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5 Lifesaving Apps You Need Before You Start Travelling

Well, everyone, I am currently planning my Australian road trip from Sydney to Perth and to be sure everything will go perfectly I went through all the apps that could be useful for this adventure. After accurate research, I am happy to share with you the 5 best lifesaving apps you need to download before you start travelling!

1. Road Trippers

This is absolutely the winner on my top 5. Through RoadTrippers you can plan your entire route from the point of start to the point of end. You will be able to check your entire itinerary out anywhere, and, once you insert your start and your final destination, you can pin, at any time, other stages where you want to stop. Choose the style of your map, and enjoy one of the best lifesaving apps!

2. Camper Mate

Planning a camping trip to Australia or New Zealand? You definitely need one of the best lifesaving apps ever. Unfortunately, it works just in these two countries but it is still worth talking about it. CamperMate will be your best mate on the road by helping you save money and travel for cheap.

3. Packpoint

Choose your gender, your destination, the dates, the type of travel and eventually activities you’d try. Packpoint will automatically create a list for you with all the things you might need in your bag, considering even the weather! Maybe it can’t be accurate as your own list, but it is an alternative and fun way to check what you might have forgotten or not thought about.

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4. Trail Wallet

A good one to use during travel but also very useful in your everyday life! Many users say that once you learn how to use it, it becomes indispensable to monitor your outgoings with its intuitive graphs. You can be sure Trail Wallet is worth the download because it was created by travelers for travelers. Organize your expenses by trip or by months, set a daily budget, and easily add expenses as you go!

5. Esplorio

A nice one if you love to collect memories of your trip. With Esplorio you can create your own travel journal adding pictures and captions. Automatically log the places you visit, map your routes, and create your personal journal offline as well! Of course, you can share everything with your friends and parents but the interesting fact is that you can share your adventure also with a network of travelers using the app like you! S

This was my list of lifesaving apps I will use during my road trip! Are you planning to travel soon? What lifesaving apps will you use? Comment below!

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