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Life Outside The Love Island Villa: Our Predictions

Life Outside The Love Island Villa: Our Predictions

Only the strongest willed UK citizens won’t have been sucked into this year’s Love Island, and even if you haven’t been watching, you’ll inevitably know the dramas that have gone on via the constant headlines the show and its contestants have been making. But now that its all over, what does the outside world have in store for the lovers?

Tommy and Molly-Mae

This rock-solid official couple are the most genuine and lovable pairing to come out of the Love Island villa this year, despite the general public’s ‘fake’ perception of Molly-Mae. Anyone who can’t see their natural connection and adoration for one another is simply jealous of Tommy’s selfless treatment of his girlfriend as they dream of being in her shoes! Molly-Mae herself is gorgeous, funny and extremely sweet natured, and because of this, I see their relationship going far and withstanding the challenges that real life will throw at them. Look out for Molly-Mae ringside!

Amber and Greg

These two haven’t had much time to develop as a couple but I think they stand a fair chance of growing together on the outside. We’ve seen a softer, happier side to Amber since she’s been coupled up with Greg, he seems to put her at ease and make her feel comfortable about opening up and lowering her barriers. This is understandable, given his Irish charm, relaxed nature and gentlemanly values – she’s got a good egg there.


Curtis and Maura

The fakest couple to walk out the villa, Curtis and Maura might keep up appearances by staying together for a week or so but will inevitably go their separate ways. Their memorable personalities enabled them to play lovers to reach the final, but their evident incompatibility will never keep them together once the game is over. Maura will find someone her type (i.e. Tommy) and Curtis will continue to get serious with a stream of girls before confessing his commitment issues to them and moving on to the next. Maybe he’ll even come out as bisexual which would explain his confusion about what’s missing in his relationships…

Ovie and India

In a similar way to Tommy and Molly-Mae, Ovie received a lot of love from the public, whereas India got some slack for being branded a gold digger. Again, I’m backing these girls’ corners as I truly believe they are genuine and Ovie and India appear very well suited, their laid-back vibes making them the perfect match. I think they have potential to last on the outside.

Anton and Belle

Having just missed out on the final, this couple are quite controversial. Anton was loved from the very beginning, but we saw another side to him on the boys’ shopping trip and during the big bust up with Belle. For this reason, I have my doubts that Anton will stay loyal to his partner when he’s bombarded by girls in the real world, possibly having settled for the only girl to show an interest in him in the villa in the first place…

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Chris and Harley

A budding romance, this couple’s Love Island journey was cut short just shy of the semi-final. They may date for a month or so, but I doubt their love will blossom into anything more durable as Chris’ immaturity is below Harley, a woman who knows what she wants and what she’s worth. I see potential between her and Michael, who are both mature, yet definitely have a fun side.


After her dramatic break-up with Jordan, there is 0% chance of a future there, so much so that it would have been offensive to make them share a heading. Anna is a massive girls’ girl so will definitely be staying in touch with the friends she made in the villa and will be there to support them in the Love Island aftermath. She’ll be receiving plenty of male attention since leaving the villa, so hopefully it won’t be too long until she finds Mr. Right and can settle down.



Probably the most hated contestant to leave the villa this year, I’m sure Jordan will go on to break many more hearts as a leopard never changes its spots…this boy has a lot of growing up to do, but I’m sure he’ll fit in plenty of club appearances before he decides to become a decent human being.

Do you agree with our predictions? Which couple do you think will last the longest? Comment below!