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8 Life Hacks To Keep Your Drinks Cooler This Summer

8 Life Hacks To Keep Your Drinks Cooler This Summer

Keep your drinks cooler with using these quick and easy life hacks! By using these simple tips you'll be able to keep the fun vibes going!

There’s nothing that compliments the heat and the good times of summer like a cool beverage. So if you’ve ever been left with warm drinks you’d know how frustrating it is. (It just isn’t same!) However, with a little initiative, we can all beat the heat this summer.

1. Balloon Ice Packs

Water filled balloons or water bombs make for a great substitute for regular ices in your cooler – just fill them with water! The bigger the balloons, the slower the ice will melt. Once the balloons have completely thawed you can then use them for water balloon fights. Game on!


2. Wet Cloth

Got a warm drink and run out of ice? Wrap your drink in any sort of cloth, drench it in water, then put it out in the sun and wait (the hotter and dryer the outside-air, the better). Before too long your drink will be cooled. Thanks to thermodynamics the heat is transferred from the drink and taken away when the water evaporates.

3. Insulated Foil Bubble Wrap

If you’re taking an extended road trip or out camping you can put a layering of foil bubble wrap around your cooler. The material is normally used for roof insulation but works in the same principle for your drinks. The cover should only take around 20 minutes to put together and can extend the chill time of your cooler by three times.

4. Newspaper Lining

Extra, extra, read all about it! No cooler? No problem! Some ordinary newspaper can give your drinks some much needed chill time. Newspaper works great for some basic insulation. By lining the inside of a carry bag with newspaper you’ll be keeping a lot of the cool inside the bag, similar to that of a cooler.


5. Re-cool with a bit of seasoning

Some simple table salt can help give you a second chance for a nice, chilled beverage. Just put some water and a bit of ice into large bowl, submerge your drink, sprinkle some salt in and stir! In simple science, by adding salt you’re actually reducing the freezing point of the water – allow for a greater cooling effect for the ice.

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6. Stuffed Seal Bag

To maintain the ice in your drink for longer this alternative: Grab a refillable bottle (one which you can fit an ice cube through the top), tuck in a sandwich sized seal bag or zip lock bag in so the seal top is still sticking out from the bottle, insert ice cubes until the bag is full, seal the bag and push the whole bag in, then pour in the beverage!

7. Go With The Flow

If you’re spending the day down the river or at a lake with temporary ice then you could using natural refrigeration. Tie your drinks (e.g. a pack of cans) to a line and sit it in the water. Generally, if there’s a good current the river or lake will assist in keeping your drinks cool. The faster the current, the cooler the water- as moving water is less likely warm up compared to still water.

8. Compressed Air

In more desperate circumstances you can resort to applying some general selected aerosol spray to the outside of your drink. One practical spray can be keyboard cleaner which normal leaves an icy residue on the surface. Just be care not to spray yourself or anyone else in the process!


How do your drinks fair? Do you know any other tricks to keep your drinks cooler? Share it in the comments below to help everyone have a cool drink

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