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10 Life Hacks For Freshers That Will Make Uni So Much Easier

10 Life Hacks For Freshers That Will Make Uni So Much Easier

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Everyone loves a good life hack and freshers are no different. There’s so much change and so much to learn but these life hacks are sure to help out any freshers. Storage in university accommodation is often limited so some of these are storage solutions and others are just a bit of common sense.

1. Get To Move In Day Early

This one seems obvious but if you want the good cupboards you need to be there earlier. You can have a greater choice of cupboards and you will also have more time to unpack things before having to meet your new flatmates and friends.

2. Pick a way to organise your notes and stick with it

Sounds silly and not at all like a hack but it is. Swapping and changing the way you write your notes is a hassle. Typed or handwritten. Colour coded in which way you chose, just do not mix things about as hard work can be easily confused and lost. Plus when you look back on them you’ll be thrilled with your own level of organisation.


3. Marie Kondo Your Drawers

Marie Kondo is the decluttering queen and whilst moving somewhere new does mean you do not have much clutter, what clutter and belongings you do have should be organised. Optimise drawer space by folding the Marie Kondo way. It looks better and means you have more space for your other belongings.

4. Hangers on Hangers

I saw this little hack on Buzzfeed and figured I would share it too. Using the ring pull from a can of pop can you can double the amount of hanging space you have and minimise your floordrobe.

5. Over The Door Hooks

These are great for hanging coats, jackets, towels and bags. Things that are just too bulky to hang in a wardrobe or place in drawers.


6. Get Your Life Together Before You Go

I mentioned this in a previous article but this is essential to your first year at university going smoothly. Open your student account, change over your billing address and do all the other boring admin things you have to do whilst you can still have help from your parents. It will put you at so much ease once you are there, knowing that most of the boring adult stuff is taken care of.

7. Bulk Cook

Bulk cook some simple meals in the first few days and store them in your fridge or freezer so if ever you do not want to cook you can grab something out of the freezer and warm it up. I find that meals with mince are great like bolognese or chilli.

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8. Sign Up For All The Free Trials

You are still a young adult and you still need to binge all the latest TV shows. Be sure to exploit the free trials you are offered as a student and the discounted prices. During freshers week there is usually reps from companies like Amazon who encourage you to use their service by first telling you about the free trials. Be sure to cancel them before they run out though, or else you’ll end up in the dreaded overdraft!

9. Nail Varnish Your Cutlery

Sounds odd I know but most cutlery is not distinctive and it gets lost so easily, especially in accommodation with several people. Paint the ends of your utensils in a distinctive colour so that you can identify it later on or if it goes missing.

10. Washi Tape Frames

Most university accommodation will prohibit hanging anything on walls with nails, command hooks, sellotape or blu tack but washi tape does not leave a mark and it looks adorable.


Have any of these uni life hacks helped you? Do you use any of these already? Let us know in the comment section below.

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