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15 Life-Changing Makeup Tips To Make Your Life Much Easier

15 Life-Changing Makeup Tips To Make Your Life Much Easier


Everyone who has tried applying makeup at least once knows it isn’t always as easy as it looks. This day and age, people are searching for makeup tips more than ever to get that perfect brow line or cat eyeliner ‘wing’. Keep reading for 15 life-changing makeup tips every girl should that will definitely make your life a lot easier!

I am so into all of these life-changing makeup tips!

1. Use Men’s aftershave balm as primer before applying makeup.

Recently, there has been a craze for using Nivea Men’s aftershave balm as primer before applying your makeup. I’ve used it many times now and as a girl with oily skin it has been my saviour. My makeup has survived the sweatiness of nightclubs and day long shopping trips and it’s all down to this gem which only costs €7.


One of the best makeup tips I've ever heard of is to use men's aftershave as a primer before applying your eyeshadow.

2. Blow dry your eyeliner pencil so it becomes soft and easier to apply.

In comparison to eyeliner gel, the pencil can sometimes be a bit difficult to apply if it is too hard. All you have to do is get your hair dryer and place the pencil in front of it for about five to 10 seconds to make it soften. This will allow you to create an intense line.

3. Apply white eyeliner before your eyeshadow to help it stand out!

In order to make your eyeshadow stand out, you should apply a white eyeliner beforehand. Apply it on to your top and bottom lash lines to boost the pigment of the eyeshadow.


One of the best makeup tips I've heard in a while-apply white eyeliner under eyeshadow!

4. One of the best makeup tips is to use cellotape to achieve the perfect eyeliner wing.

Everyone knows the struggle of achieving the perfect eyeliner wing – it’s torture! But fear not, there is a solution. Before going to apply your eyeliner, stick a small piece of cellotape at the angle you would like the wing to be at and just draw along the tape. Then gently remove the tape – not too fast or it’ll hurt – to find the most beautiful wing.

5. Make your lipstick last longer with a toothbrush and pressed powder.

So it’s pretty annoying having to keep reapplying your lipstick on a night out but there are ways to prolong the wear of your lipstick. It’s an age old trick but it’s as good today as it was back in the day. Exfoliate your lips with an old toothbrush, followed by applying some clear chapstick and concealer. Then apply some lip liner (it’s a must!) use a lip brush to apply the lipstick, and blot using a tissue while applying a pressed powder compact to the tissue against your lips.

6. Make your own homemade lip gloss with Vaseline and old lipstick.

All you need is some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and an old lipstick. Melt them both separately then mix them together. Pour the solution into a little pot and leave it set overnight in the fridge. There you have it – your very own homemade lip gloss!


7. Apply your concealer in an upside-down triangle shape under your eye.

The best way to apply concealer is in a triangular shape under the eye and onto the cheekbone rather than just applying a bit directly under your eye. The reason for doing this is that it will hide the dark circles/redness under your eyes while also highlighting your cheekbone.

8. Apply your dry shampoo the night before you think you will need it.

If you think you’ll be needing a bit of dry shampoo to brighten up your hair in the morning then the best time to apply it is the night before, when you go to bed. This way the dry shampoo will be able to properly soak into your hair as you sleep through the night, making sure you don’t wake up with greasy hair the next morning.

9. Use an ice cube and pale green concealer to hide big, red, imperfections.

Numb the blotchy spot (or pimple) with an ice cube for several minutes. Certain colours complement others, and in this case, if you have a red spot that just won’t go away and you have a big night out planned, then try applying a green concealer to the spot after numbing. This will tone down the red-ness of the spot while the ice cube tones down the size.


10. Apply your foundation from the centre of your face first.

The best way to apply your foundation is if you begin at the centre of your face. This will allow you to blend out the foundation and ensure that it doesn’t settle around the chin and forehead.

11. Spray perfume in your hair to ensure a long-lasting smell.

If you want to smell fresh all day then the best places to spray your perfume in the morning are behind the ears, inside elbows, down your back, behind your knees, your belly button and in your hair.


12. Add some pinky-peach-coloured blush instead of contouring with bronzer.

The alternative to contouring with bronzer. To give yourself a warm complexion you should try applying a pinky-peach blush to your temple, brow bone and cheekbone areas.

13. Add translucent powder over a pimple before covering it with makeup.

For the perfect pimple coverage, layer your foundation and concealer and then add some setting powder to make sure your makeup doesn’t disappear for your spot to become visible.


Translucent powder itself is one of the best makeup tips ever!

14. Use light, hair like strokes when applying your eyebrow makeup.

In a day where it’s all about the brows, it’s important to make sure that you are filling your brows in the right way as it can make quite the difference. Use light, hair-like strokes to create a more natural looking brow that doesn’t look like it’s completely fake.

15. Different face masks should be applied in different areas of the face!

We should be layering multiple face masks in order to improve our skin. You should apply one mask for hydration, one for purifying and one for under your eyes. Your hydration mask should be applied to your cheeks and neck while the purifying one should be applied to the forehead, nose and chin areas. Patches are good to use under eyes.


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15 Life-Changing Makeup Tips To Make Your Life Much Easier