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10 Life Changing Careers To Choose After Your Degree

10 Life Changing Careers To Choose After Your Degree

Your thoughts by now would have been shuttling between the number of career paths awaiting for you. It is important for every individual after your degree to figure out where you will fit in and what you want to be in life. Here we are to help you by bringing in 10 life changing careers to choose after your degree.

1. Civil Services

The most competitive and challenging career in the rising education standards are the Civil Services. If you are an ambitious person and want to take up the challenge, then appear for examinations and crack it. Nothing can be a life changing career, if you manage to pass the examinations.

2. Journalism

Are you an inquisitive person who is clueless what to do next after your degree. Here is a life changing career option for a thirst quencher like you. Journalism is a broad category in which there are enormous career options as news presenter, reporter, editor, camera person and lot more. It is a career which will keep you on your toes round the clock and who knows you might become one of those famous personalities overnight.


3. Engineering

Engineering is a vast area where you could go for civil, mechanical, Computer Science, Electronics and lot more which are of equal weightage. Being a graduate, 80 percent of you would have been an engineering graduates. If you are great at numbers and technology, then you had already done the right thing. It’s just that you had to take a further more step to do your Masters degree and get into a life changing career with a six digit salary per annum.

4. Why not an Entrepreneur?

Are you tired of changing careers multiple times and you don’t want to be an employee anymore? Here is a life changing career option for you guys. If not a employee why not a employer. Am sure all of you would have mastered in something. It’s time to figure it out and make a plan, form a team and write a business proposal and there you are to make a great career move.


5. Criminology

Have you ever dreamt of working for the Scotland yard? Then Criminology is the subject you got to master today. It’s a subject where you study the causes and consequences of crime. Evidences, crime scenes, Crime records etc are the words you will come across everyday if you take up this career. This might sound interesting to those who are passionate towards the subject. It’s definitely one of the challenging and life changing careers you can opt for.


6. Surgeon

A variety of career paths are open to medical students. By the time you complete your degree, you should be tired thinking about enormous career roads in your field. Not many want to be a surgeon for they couldn’t handle the mental pressure But, if you have the ability to be patient and deal with the mental pressure, then this definitely is a life changing career.

7. Own a Marketing Agency

If you are a good sales person with lot of marketing techniques within you. Then there you are. There are lot of start ups and even bigger companies looking to outsource marketers . If you are good at marketing why not start your career today as a Marketing agent. All you have to do is pour in your ideas for the companies growth. Companies are going to pay you in big numbers just for your ideas. Isn’t it a life changing career.

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8. Do not Hesitate to be a Chef

If cooking is what you are good at and your stepping back to be a chef. Then you are missing out on good opportunities. It’s a physically demanding job and you are not paid any less than an IT professional. 


9. Social Media Specialist

You are paid for spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Isn’t that amazing?. Companies are looking out for people who are social media experts realising the people’s usage of it. It’s very important for companies to get on people’s page and it’s important for the people who are looking for a life changing careers to get on companies page. Your nature of job will be to promote products, engage people, set up communities all through social media.

10. Researcher

Almost all the companies hire Research Analysts. Their job is to do an extensive research on who are the companies competitors, where are they lagging, and what needs to be improved and lot more depending on their companies needs. This is definitely one of life changing careers for passionate researchers.


Hope the above career options were helpful. Do comment below if you want to know more career options.

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