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7 LGBTIQ+ Movies That’ll Warm Your Heart

7 LGBTIQ+ Movies That’ll Warm Your Heart

There's such a variety of LGBTIQ movies out there that will definitely make you feel all sorts of ways and these 7 are just the beginning of many!

No matter your sexual preference, it’s important to open up your scope of romance movies and watch LGBTIQ+ movies to enter a world of a whole new experience. It goes to show that love remains difficult for everybody and that the experience remains individualistic. Put away that cliched romcom and put on a LGBTIQ movie to feel a whole new feeling of love and heartbreak!

1.  Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013)

It is an absolute must to start this list off with Blue is the Warmest Colour! This legend is a title that easily comes to mind as soon as we think of LGBTIQ+ movies and there’s a reason why. This french romance tells of young Adele’s experiences from youth to adulthood with the mysterious woman in blue hair, Emma. It speaks of love in the most real, rawest feeling ever, making it a must to check out.

2. Love, Simon (2018)

Skipping forward a few years, a recent movie fave has to be Love, Simon. The 2018 film reminds us how difficult it is to come out as it shows the trials and tribulations Simon encounters in his pursuit of love, while he struggles to keep it a secret from his friends and family. The coming of age movie is fun, hilarious, sad, heart wrenching and all the more.


3. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Call Me By Your Name takes on the ever romantic feeling of a summer fling to another level. It’s an Italian romance that will leave you refreshed with butterflies in your stomach!  The movie is beautifully shot and will make you feel nostalgia like no other.

4. The Handmaiden (2016)

Going into eastern international LGBTIQ+ movies, The Handmaiden is a sensual film that battles stereotypes as it displays a handmaiden’s realisation of not only herself but her sexuality. Set in the olden times, the setting of the entire movie is beautifully and intricately done to put on an entire mood for your night. The Korean film is full of love, false love, betrayal, and action. It’s definitely an exciting watch and a must have to see.

5. Princess Cyd (2017)

Similarly to Call Me By Your Name, Princess Cyd takes on the summer fling troupe as well as an American romance of two girls. The movie discusses the livelihoods of women of all ages, shapes, and sexuality! It really makes you learn to love yourself and the powerful women around you.

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6. Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight is another coming-of-age film to grace this list but unfortunately, it takes on another childhood that I want to hope people don’t experience. It may involve drugs and abuse but the completely all-black cast makes it a first of its legacy. The POC LGBTIQ+ is an iconic one to see if you’re looking for something raw and heartwrenching.

7. Dallas Buyers Club

Although Dallas Buyers Club isn’t specifically a romance movie, the film battles all kinds of stereotypes of HIV/AIDS, Transexual individuals and much more in Southern America. As the main character himself delves into that world, he experiences the discrimination faced by the LGBTIQ community, bringing attention to important topics that is needed to be discussed. It’s definitely one to see to confront issues within our society.


There’s such a variety of LGBTIQ movies out there that will definitely make you feel all sorts of ways and these 7 are just the beginning of many. We’ve got movies to make you feel love, and the conflicting issues that come with it as a LGBTIQ individual. Which movies here do you think you’ll be checking out soon?

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