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LGBT Things In Scotland To Be Excited About

LGBT Things In Scotland To Be Excited About

LGBT Things In Scotland To Be Excited About
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The LGBT community is forever expanding and there’s so many businesses, events, and organisations across the nation created by and dedicated to people who are LGBT. Here are some of the things which have developed over the past year you should be excited about:

1. Category Is Books, Glasgow

Why the excitement? It’s one of the first LGBT bookshops in Glasgow! This is an independent bookshop selling only LGBT literature. It has a huge range from kid’s books and queer theory, to classic literature and graphic novels. It also sells zines, postcards, and badges. It was founded by wife and wife, Fi and Charlotte Duffy Scott, who also run the store in Govanhill, Glasgow. It hosts a number of events, including a writer’s group, men and non-binary sexual survivor support group, and even a queer friendly Dungeons & Dragons group! Make sure to check out their twitter page for regular updates.

2. D&G Queerier, Dumfries

Why the excitement? It’s the first of its kind in Dumfries and Galloway, and it gives the small community a larger voice! The region of Dumfries and Galloway has become more and more inclusive over the past couple of years, with their first LGBT Pride hosted in Dumfries town centre this summer. Now, there’s a new magazine created for and by LGBT people in Dumfries and Galloway called ‘D&G Queerier’. It showcases the creative talent of LGBT locals, as well as having news and features related to the area. It will help support the LGBT community, especially the younger generation by giving them experience in journalism whilst also bringing more people together. They’re always looking for submissions so find out more on their Facebook page.


3. Trans Pride, Edinburgh

Why the excitement? It was the first ever Trans Pride in Scotland! On 31st March 2018, Trans Pride Scotland organised a march and community event just for trans people and their friends and families in Edinburgh. It created visibility for trans people and brought together a nationwide community to help them feel less alone. There were workshops, short film screenings, and stalls available with a huge turnout of over 500 people! Since then, Trans Pride Scotland has recruited more members for their organisation and raised awareness regarding trans issues and supported local businesses in their inclusive events across their social media. We can’t wait to see what they’re planning for next year!

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4. Knight Errand Press, Scotland-wide

Why the excitement? It’s a publisher which focuses entirely on queer and black & ethnic minority fiction! Finding new queer fiction is difficult, it can become lost in the rest of the books being published constantly. Knight Errand Press focuses solely on queer fiction, and it gives a voice to the minorities through the power of words. They publish a range of creative writing, including fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels, and they focus on the importance of intersectionality. They also ran writing workshops in Glasgow and will be announcing further workshops across Scotland. They’re also advertising for new submissions so make sure to check that out!


5. Knockout Boxing, Glasgow

Why the excitement? It’s a queer friendly boxing club! Every Saturday, there’s a boxing class at The Edge Gym in Glasgow exclusively for LGBT people. Boxing can be intimidating, attracting mainly straight white men and can be very competitive, but this group is incredibly welcoming. It’s great for learning boxing and getting fit! You can learn a new sport while also making friends and afterwards, the group go to a nearby cafe to chat. What’s not to love?

What LGBT things in Scotland are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

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