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10 LGBT-Led Books You Have To Read

10 LGBT-Led Books You Have To Read

Are you LGBT and a giant book-loving nerd? Then you need to know about these books and get reading ASAP!

Every gay knows that every gay needs a little representation sometimes! And if you’re a nerdy, little gay, then you may just want to give these LGBT-led books a try! This is a list that tries to include as many genres as possible!

And after all, there’s nothing like curling up with a good book to make you forget Australia’s controversial same-sex marriage plebiscite, after all!

1. Nimona, Noelle Stevenson

Okay, so this isn’t a romance novel – it’s a fantasy-sci-fi-action-drama comic with gay enemies-to-lovers undertones. And isn’t that almost better?


Nimona is the story of a young shape-shifter (gender-fluidity, babies!) who becomes the sidekick of the super-villainous Lord Ballister Blackheart. The two of them work together to hatch evil plans, all the while being pursued by gallant knight Goldenloin.

It’s witty, heartfelt, and a story that can resonate with LGBT kids and older, all round.

2. Annie On My Mind, Nancy Garden

This book is a staple in LGBT-led literary spheres, and a poignant take on the relationship between two women.


It is the story of two young girls from different backgrounds – one rich and privileged, the other the daughter of Italian immigrants and from an impoverish background – who fall in love. In essence, very simple. In reality, incredibly realistic.

This LGBT-led book is a must-read!

3. Sister Outsider, Audre Lorde

This book assimilates the writings of black poet and feminist writer, Audre Lorde.


For anyone searching for a way to understand and reflect on social attitudes towards race, sexuality, class, gender – Audre Lorde has something to say to you.

4. The Bedlam Stacks, Natasha Pulley

This historical novel has elements of mystery, supernatural phenomena, and a male same-sex romance that isn’t the entire plot of the book – which is refreshing, let’s be honest.

We like to see ourselves as more than our sexuality, not as people who’s stories amount to just that – and this story pleasantly explores the life of it’s crippled protagonist with delightful balance!


5. The Stranger’s Child, Alan Hollinghurst

Another piece of historical-fiction, this novel is the story of Cecil Valance, a gay man who writes a poem in World War I, and details how the popularity of this poem affected his reputation in the coming decades.

It’s a beautifully written story and ideal for lovers of war history.


6. Julie And The Wolves, Jean Craighead George

Forget boy-meets-girl – girl-meets-wolves is the new norm. It’s a story about an Inuk girl in Northern Alaska who tries leave home to reach her pen-pal (read: “pen-pal”) in California, but becomes lost in the snow and befriends a wolf pack to survive.

This book as an incredible story of survival, of Inuit culture, and a must-read LGBT-led book.

7. The Bermudez Triangle, Maureen Johnson

How do you handle it when friends get together in a same-sex relationship? Nina Bermudez knows – and tells you all about, as the protagonist of this LGBT-led book.

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It’s that high school romance-drama that has been written many times for straight couples, but now exists for the LGBT community too. About damn time!

8. Luck In The Shadows, Lynn Flewelling

This book is the first instalment in an LGBT-led fantasy series. For those who love a good LOTR marathon, this may be the book for you!


It’s the story of a young man taken in as the apprentice of an unpredictable rogue, both of whom end up on an adventure to stop a war. It’s classic fantasy – just with a needed LGBT protagonist.

9. Affinity, Sarah Waters

Horror? Check. Historical? Check. Upper-class Victorian woman falling in love with an incarcerated medium of spirits? Also check.

Until Stephen King rewrites ‘Carrie’ to be an LGBT-led book, ‘Affinity’ does a pretty good job of wrapping up supernatural intrigue in an LGBT-friendly bow.


10. Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Becky Albertalli

Did you know ‘Love, Simon’ was a book before it was every a movie? You did? Okay, but maybe you should read it again. We all love a good romantic drama set against a high school backdrop.

This book is the essential LGBT teen experience – one that still resonates with LBGT teens of today, though the socio-political landscape is improving somewhat for us.


Do you have your own LGBT faves? Share them in the comments!

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