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8 Lessons For Twenty Something Women From Sex And The City

8 Lessons For Twenty Something Women From Sex And The City

As a twenty-something-year-old, Sex And The City may give you the answers you have been looking for or the extra confidence to put yourself out there.

In the late 90s, a New-York-City-based television series came to our screens, and women’s lives changed forever. Sex And The City got everything you could have asked for: love, sex, fashion, and drama. We follow four best friends, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte on their journey to true love. As a twenty-something-year-old, Sex And The City may give you the answers you have been looking for or the extra confidence you need to go out and put yourself out there. Sex And The City does exactly that and more. 

1. Women Can Have Sex Too

It is no secret that one of the core messages you can take from Sex And The City is the positive attitude towards women having as much sex as men. Maybe not as much as sex as men are having, but as much sex as they want to. 

Back in the late 90s and even now there is an ongoing stigma when it comes to women wanting to have sex and having casual sex. Characters like Samantha, or even Carrie in the first episode showcase how women enjoy sex and want sex as much if not more than men. 


2. Never Move For A Man

We all have that one friend that moved to a different state, or a country because of a boyfriend. It is often difficult to support this friend’s decision, as it is a massive step for a relationship. Unless you are 100% sure of your partner, probably do not move. 

Carrie Bradshaw made the same mistake. Not all partner-inspired moves across the globe are mistakes, but Carrie’s really was. Carrie is a character that symbolizes an independent woman that is going after what she wants and has a successful career in the creative industry what was rare for a female in that age. 

Carrie’s relationship with Aleksandr Petrovsky made her move to Paris, where she tried to make something of herself. In the end, it did not work. They weren’t on the same page on what matters in a relationship, his creativity and art career came first for him, and she was playing second fiddle. 


3. Prince Charming Isn’t Always The One

Throughout the whole series, we follow each character on their journey to their Prince Charming. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, each has their idea of what they want from a man. 

As we follow their stories, we realize that even when the Prince Charming comes around, it still does not have to work out. The best example was Charlotte when she met Trey. He was perfect in her eyes and they rushed into getting married without really knowing each other. It was after they got married when Charlotte understood he is not the one after all. 

For her, it was when she least expected when she met the love of her life and the future father of her kids, Harry. 


4. A Woman Needs A Gay Best Friend

This one is a simple one. Ever since from the beginning, it is clear gay friends play a significant role in their lives. Carrie’s best friend Stanford Blatch and Charlotte’s gay best friend Anthony Marentino got married in the end. But it was their help that got them through many boy troubles. 

5. Sometimes A Good Dress Is All You Need

Sex And The City is a little black book of relationship advice for all of us women. But the series also offers a look at the newest trends and pieces of clothing that would stand even today. 

One time it is Carrie spending hundreds of dollars per pair of Manolo Blannic shoes and the next day she is looking for the perfect dress that will give her the confidence to meet up with Mr. Big again. 


6. Don’t Cheat

The Sex And The City fandom is divided into two teams, team Mr. Big and team Aidan. The whole drama and Carrie chasing Mr. Big got too much for some viewers, and when Aidan showed up, we all wanted her to be happy. 

However, months into her relationship with Aidan, we see Carrie suffocating and bumping into Mr. Big did not help anything. She ends up cheating on Aidan, which made her physically sick. 

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It is not easy to say goodbye to big love like the one Carrie and Aidan had, but cheating is never the answer and makes everything even worse. When you feel smothered in your relationship, leave before it gets ugly. Don’t consider cheating as something that could fix what is already broken. 

7. Don’t Settle For Comfort If It Means Hurting Someone Else’s Feelings/Keep It Honest

Speaking of the Carrie+Aidan love story, it all got too comfortable, and Carrie wanted more. Carrie wanted passion. Carrie wanted to go out and be one with the city. 

If comfortable is something you do not want, don’t settle for it. Go after what you want. Stay honest with your self and with your partner. 


In Carrie’s case, her friends did approve of Aidan compared to Mr. BIg. So when Carrie cheated on Aidan with Mr. Big, she even lied to her best friends. That alone should be enough of a reason, that you shouldn’t be doing it. Keep it honest with yourself, partner and friends. Because if you can’t tell your friends about it, it is probably not right. 

8. Keep Your Friends Close And Your Best Friends Even Closer

The most crucial message from Sex And The City is the importance of friendship. Boys come and go, the city may get too much to handle, but your friends will always have your back. They fought, they had differences, but at the end of the day they stuck together and became each others’ soulmates. 

Wherever they went, they were able to dedicate each of the girls time to talk about her issue. Their differing perspective is what shed some light onto the problem, and even though most of the time, they still did what they wanted, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte had a support system that all friends groups strive for. 


What did you and your girlfriend learn from the Sex And The City series? Share with us in the comments. 

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