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Kpop Bands That Are Changing Music World Wide

Kpop Bands That Are Changing Music World Wide

These are the top kpop bands that are changing the music world! Whether you love kpop or never heard it before these bands are worth a listen!

Modern Kpop has been on the Western scene since the late 1990s, but in the last few years we’ve really been able to notice it’s increasing presence on the world stage. Korean Pop music has found popularity in Europe, North and Latin America, and even the Middle East, and while you might not be a sasaeng fan, it’s pretty impossible not to admit that these Kpop groups are amazingly talented. While Kpop bands tend to have more members than the traditional British or American bands, each member usually has something different to offer to their group, in either their sense of style, they’re singing, rapping or their dancing. Here is a list of six fab Kpop bands that are breaking into mainstream music and is changing the scene worldwide.

1. BTS

This seven member boyband, each member showcasing ridiculously good hair, first debuted in 2013, but prior to that had to go through years of training to become the stars they are today, just like most Kpop groups. Their 2018 Album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ reached No. 1 at Billboard 200, was certified Gold by the RIAA. It is one of the biggest Kpop bands right now, and is set to tour Korea, the US and Canada in August and September. While the success of many Kpop groups is dependent on the company they’ve come, BTS started off at a small company in South Korea and have grown to become one of the first Korean bands to make such a splash on usually a very Eurocentric industry. Singing about themes such as mental health and body image, these stars have been inspirational worldwide, and are changing music before our very eyes.

2. EXO

Based in Seoul, this Kpop group has also appeared on the Billboard World Albums, and sings both in Korean and Mandarin. Originally performing with twelve members from 2011, they now have nine and are still killing the game. Their music incorporates House and Hip Hop, and has a worldwide appeal that is changing the music industry for the better.


3. Twice

This all-girl power group is upbeat, girly and extremely relatable, perhaps justifying their huge fanbase, which goes by the name of ‘Once’. Twice was formed through the reality TV show ‘Sixteen’ and is known for their high energy performances. Mixing English in with Korean lyrics this group is perfectly choreographed and is one to watch in the worldwide music industry.

4. Red Velvet

Though they’re another girl band, they’re not just another girl band. Alongside their cool aesthetic and fab costumes, they deliver exciting music videos which showcase the charm of the individual members. Set to release a Japanese EP in July 2018, this group is branching out even further onto the world stage and are even releasing a new liquid lipstick. Talk about talent.

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5. K.A.R.D.

This group shows off not just pretty boys or pretty girls, but both. They’re costumes and graphics are bright and enticing, and the extremely well-presented groups is refreshing in the Kpop industry itself, being one of the few successful mixed groups. The group is a tight unit, close friends as well as work buddies. Cute.

6. Stray Kids

This boy band is fairly new to the scene, formed only in 2017, but it is not to be underestimated at all. They are youthful, creative and they’re special effects make their music videos so much more interesting than one of yet another hot woman propped against an expensive car. The youngest member, Yang Jeongin, is only 17, but this group already has enough experience to be a major contender on the world stage.

Do you agree that these kpop bands are changing music world wide? Let us know in the comments below!

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