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7 Korean Beauty Techniques You Need To Try

7 Korean Beauty Techniques You Need To Try

7 Korean Beauty Techniques You Need To Try

Thanks to the growing international popularity of Korean music and media, Korean beauty techniques also are flourishing. Previously common in only East and Southeast Asian countries, Korean beauty techniques have migrated to the western world and people are embracing them with open arms. Korean makeup looks are all about looking natural and feminine as a lot of the techniques promote softness and minimalism. From your pre and post-makeup skincare routine to how you apply lipstick and eye makeup, your makeup will look stunning if done correctly. Here are seven staple Korean beauty techniques that you need to try.

1. Gradient lips

Korean beauty techniques are all about looking natural and embracing the “no-makeup” makeup look. One of the biggest trends is the gradient lip. It’s basically a burst of colour in the middle of your lips that fade as they reach the edges. This look is definitely more natural and adds colour to your face without it being too overpowering. Just dab lip tint, or tinted gloss to your inner lip line and soften the edges with your fingers. It’s a simple technique and one that’s hard to mess up.

2. Soft brows

In the West, women tend to opt for bold arched brows but in Korea, a softer straight brow, occasionally with a slight curve, is preferred. Straight and lighter brows make you appear more youthful and adds an innocent look.


3. Sheet Mask

One of the key steps in Korean beauty is skincare, and a big part of this is making sure that your skin is smooth and hydrated. Plump and hydrated skin means that any gaps are filled and this reduces the visibility of fine lines on your face. Drinking glasses of water throughout the day definitely helps with this, but sheet-masks are a beauty staple and a major part of Korean beauty techniques. They’re filled with antioxidants and vitamins that mingle with your skin as it rests on your face. The mask also locks in nutrients and leaves your skin brighter and softer when you peel it off.

4. Essences

Essences are a skincare category that was actually created in Korea and they are an essential step in the Korean beauty routine. It’s a highly concentrated liquid or lotion that’s packed with active ingredients like glycerin which help to revitalise the skin post-cleansing. Essences promote elasticity, brightening and many brands also even out any discolouration or acne scarring.

5. Blurring

Just like in the west Korean beauty embraces the airbrushed look and this involves using foundation to blur out any imperfections. You basically want your skin to look “cloudy” like it would with a smoothness filter on a selfie. Perfecting the appearance of skin is arguably the most important of Korean beauty techniques. It’s achieved by using blurring moisturisers and primer that’ll help disguise any fine lines.

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6. The Korean “cat eye”

Western makeup generally has a more dramatic cat eye that’s more angled and extends outwards. Korean makeup also has a variation of the cat eye but it’s less bold and follows the natural shape of the eye. Many refer to it as being more of a “puppy dog eye” as the natural downwards swoop makes your eyes appear larger, rounder and more doe-like. So rather than having a dramatic angular flick at the end, use Korean beauty techniques and follow your eye shape and curve the ends upwards slightly for a softer look.

7. Minimal eyeshadow

Korean eye makeup focuses on making your eyes appear younger and brighter, but at the same time keeping it simple with minimal colour to achieve a more natural look. Unlike western makeup which loves vivid colours and dramatic transitions, Korean beauty tends to stick to more neutral colours such as nudes, browns and rose-pinks. The rule of thumb is to pick a colour that is just slightly darker than your natural skin tone. Common makeup looks also add a slight shimmer to the centre of the eyelid to make your eyes “pop”.


Have you used any Korean beauty techniques before? Which technique on this list is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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