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Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Is kindness the way forward? To me, it surely is. Here's why I think the best way to go about your life is to 'kill 'em with kindness'.

Has it ever been suggested to you that you need to stand up for yourself more? Be more assertive? Even abrasive? All in order to get what you want and avoid taking crap from other people. Don’t get me wrong, I think we should all be far more confident in ourselves and our abilities, but I also believe in not crushing others in order to achieve what you want. There’s merit in the phrase ‘kill ’em with kindness’, and whether you choose to go about your life with that attitude or not, I believe that it’s the best way for me to smash life and avoid smashing others in the process (whether they deserve it or not).

Be the bigger person

This is something I always used to get told as a young girl. Did you get told this too? It was drilled into me by my parent’s, specifically my mum, and though (in the beginning) I wrongly assumed that this meant I was to be a doormat for people to walk over so as to avoid any confrontations or altercations, what it really meant was just don’t be a prick because someone else is choosing to!

Be the bigger person. What being a bigger person means to me is taking no bullshit, but also refusing to return it either. That’s the important part. You don’t need to be nasty or show someone up in order to prove a point. Stooping to someone else’s level doesn’t make you a better person, and while it may make you feel better in the moment, ultimately, you haven’t done yourself any favors.


Does being kind, especially to someone who doesn’t deserve it, even make a difference?

In my experience, yes. Maybe you won’t see a dramatic effect in terms of the person your kindness is directed towards, but it will certainly make others sit up and take notice of you – and honestly, it should make you feel proud and confident! Taking control of a situation and choosing to be kind when it isn’t necessary is an empowering and inspiring move.

Some of the best things in life have happened to me by carrying out acts of kindness when none were really needed. Many of the decisions I’ve made went against the advice of those around me, but I pulled through and nine times out of ten, the kindness I’ve shown to others has been returned.

Haters gonna hate

Not everyone will understand why you might want to adopt this philosophy. In fact, some might even try to persuade you otherwise. It’s not for everyone and I get that, but what’s really that wrong with trying to put a little more love and care back into the world?

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I’m not suggesting you actively change yourself, there’s no need to reset your whole personality in order to practice a little more kindness each day! I think it’s simply important to remember that those around you, even those who come across as totally awful people, are living a life completely separate to your own – you have no idea what they might have gone through, or what they are still going through, and taking the time to behave admirably in a crap situation is a power move on your part.

Kill ’em with kindness

Going all in and jumping on the kindness bandwagon can do wonders for your own motivation. It’s not just about doing a little bit now and again, it’s about really going for it – and more often than not you’ll receive great things in return! It can be one of those cycles that just keeps on giving, which is, in my opinion, the perfect kind. Don’t try to be kind, KILL IT! If you’re someone who thrives on making other people smile, this one’s definitely for you.


Do you believe in trying to ‘kill ’em with kindness’? Let us know in the comments below!

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