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10 Jobs You Can Get With An Arts Degree

10 Jobs You Can Get With An Arts Degree

Feeling lost after you've completed your arts degree? Tired of being told that you'll never find a job? Here are ten jobs you can apply for!

There’s a timeless joke hovering around every university campus that arts students will never find jobs. This forces a lot of undergraduates to feel uncertain of what’s to come after they finish their undergraduate degrees. If you’re thinking about jumping straight into the workforce, here are ten jobs you can get after completing your Bachelor of Arts!

1. Journalism

A major in Media and Communications will get you a job in journalism! Submit pitches and articles as a freelance writer to see your work in print. Once you start building up your portfolio your name could start to circulate around well-known publications!

2. Copywriting

A lot of companies are looking for people to spruce up their public image and digital content! If you’ve majored or have an interest in marketing, your advertising skills will be perfect for helping brands reach out to their target markets!


3. Translating and Interpreting

Did you take a subject in another language? Are you good at communicating with people? These skills could help you kick start your new career! Why not consider helping people converse with one another—whether for educational or for serious issues—as a translator and interpreter?

4. Gallery Assistant

These positions are open to people who have completed a Bachelor of Arts! You don’t usually need any further study for this one. Being a gallery assistant means you’ll be prepared to promote upcoming work, ensure no damage is done to important displays and answer public enquiries. This job is perfect for students who have majored in or have a love for art history!

5. Tutoring/Teaching

The research skills you’ve gained from your Bachelor of Arts will be incredibly useful for tutoring jobs! Or, if you’re up for a little extra study after your undergraduate, you’ll be on track to becoming a teacher! A masters degree will give you the opportunity to work in primary or secondary schools and teach those kiddies a thing or two.


6. Editing

Are you interested in editing manuscripts or digital content? This could be the perfect job for you! Making sure everything is in tip-top shape before publication is a really important job. You should have a good eye and be really interested in reading…and re-reading. You might even be able to do this as an intern with some companies!

7. Policy Management

Do you have great leadership skills, or perhaps, some criminology expertise under your belt? This highly organisational role requires you to analyse workplace attitudes and goals and assist in the creation of important documents. After you’ve finished your arts degree, step into policy! It will look fantastic on your resume.

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8. Writing

If you’ve majored in creative writing, then you’re a prime candidate for a writing career! Poetry, novels, autobiography—you name it! You can kick start your career by self-publishing your work, or by finding an editor and literary agent to convince publishing houses to represent you.

9. Publishing

A lot of companies are constantly on the lookout for people to help them find the next best thing to publish. You can easily apply as an intern before you consider a Master’s degree in this field to gain invaluable experience with editors and publishing houses.

10. Politics

Students who major in politics and international studies might be interested in becoming politicians. Consider campaigning, or running for office in a domestic party! This is a great way to get involved with the political sphere and will add impressive experiences to your resume.


Do any of these jobs appeal to you? Let us know what your dream job is in the comments below!

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