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7 Jobs That Your Children Will Have

7 Jobs That Your Children Will Have

The kinds of jobs that will be needed in the future reflect this ever-changing world in which we live in (thanks Paul McCartney).  Yes, they range from far-out to bizarre, and to some people, worrisome. Here are seven jobs that your children will have in the future!

Cyborg Psychologist

Okay, this one sounds pretty cool. A lot of the jobs that we can predict are just jobs that we have now but with heavy modifications. Cyborgs have issues too. They might have not gotten enough attention from their mother, or perhaps they’re afraid of commitment in relationships. A cyborg psychologist, however, specifically helps the person with coping to life with implants or extensions.

Cyborgs walk among us, they’re just people with artificial limbs or synthetic organs. As that type of technology advances, more and more people with certain injuries or birth defects will find that it will be used to help them. And that will take some adjusting.


Apart from some obvious things like standing out, certain existential issues may arise as a result of synthetic augmentation, questions usually covered in science fiction and philosophy like “what makes you who you are?”. That’s where the psychologist comes in.

Cricket Farmer

It’s good to know that the role of the farmer isn’t one of the jobs that will go completely kaput. Farming and agriculture were the earliest forms of work. It’s what is actually being farmed that will change. Crickets are high in protein. They’ve been touted up as a great food source for several years now, and would certainly be much more sustainable to farm than pigs and cows.

With the food shortages going on in many parts of the world, these green critters are looking more and more viable. They are, of course, still living creatures. Will there still be problems with eating them? Or will many of us still be ignoring our conscience? Get it? Because Jimminy Cricket was Pinnochio’s conscience… *crickets chirping* I digress.  In the event of some grand apocalypse, we will have to turn to the insects for food anyway, so prepare yourself.


Ethical Hacker

Doesn’t that sound like a riot? In this day and age, matters of cyber protection are of paramount importance. So much of our information is stored on the internet and so much of our business and entertainment occurs there. This has already been taken advantage of by malevolent hackers, out to expose your personal details.

The fact is this job already exists, it’s just going to become more prevalent. Big corporations that have a digital presence (so all of them) are hiring hackers to look for their weak spots. They are asking to be hacked. Some of these hackers are recruited from when they’re young. They can make tremendous amounts of money.

Many jobs are going to be evolving as the digital age continues on. When it comes to cyberattacks, let’s hope that the needs of people are put above the needs of corporations.


Robot Ethicist

As you might have imagined, robots are going to be playing a larger part in our lives as time goes on. The types of jobs that emerge will reflect that. The common belief that robots will be replacing humans on the workforce seems to be misguided. More and more jobs will require humans to work with robots, however.

Case in point: Robot ethicist. The ethics of robotics and artificial intelligence are already important topics and have been covered fairly extensively. It’s only going to expand moving forward.  This role will be concerned with the ethical design and application of robotics into our daily lives and the government and private sector.

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Child Assistant Bot Programmer

Another one of the many predicted jobs where man and machine will work together. Humanoid bots will be available to assist with early childhood development. They’ll help teach basic numeracy and language skills, read stories, teach general knowledge, and use coding games to develop digital literacies. They’ll be personalized so that they reflect the family’s values and rules. These robot child assistants will need programmers, naturally. Maybe your children will be learning code…

Robots will also assist in the classroom, in the form of sensors that will monitor the kids. And give them light electric jolts if they misbehave. I’m kidding.

Memory Optimizer

Some of the jobs of the future sound like something out of a Phillip K. Dick story. Take this one – memory optimizers will use digital implant technologies and judicious memory erasure to enhance people’s working memory capacities. Total Recall anyone? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Okay, no one said nobody said anything about implanting false memories or erasing memories about a relationship but I can only wonder if this is a slippery slope…



We have an increasing and aging population. At the rate that the world’s changing, there will come a time when many of us will want to relive the ‘good old days’. It’s not a big leap. People like dwelling in the past. In this past decade, much of pop culture has seemingly gone back to the ’80s. The way that these throwback trips are achieved is what will change.

These nostalgists will use interior design expertise and personal digital research to recreate experiences of the past for their clients. Virtual reality will also play a part in the process.

What do you think of these jobs? Did they come as a shock or are they intuitive predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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