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10 Jewellery Designers To Follow On Instagram RN

10 Jewellery Designers To Follow On Instagram RN

In the ever evolving world of jewellery and fashion, whom do you follow for the latest trends? Check out these 10 jewellery designers you need to follow!

Summer is here people, and it’s time to whip out the bling! Can’t decide what jewellery designs and trends are in fashion at the moment? Here’s some inspiration for you, in the form of the 10 Jewellery Designers To Follow On Instagram RN!


Danielle Miele of Nashville, Tennessee is taking Instagram and the world of fashion by storm, considering she is an outsider to the business. Having recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary, she has now amassed 189k followers and is the one to follow if you’re into creative and unusual jewellery designs. Her Figa Charm collection is a unique and trendy collectors item which garnered over 3k likes for the post, and the #showmeyourrings is a useful place to showcase ones own prized collection.


The brainchild of Spanish jewellery designer Mar Del Hoyo, Levens is immensely popular and has accumulated a substantial following, now boasting 8961 followers since it’s founding in 2016. The company specialises in selling bespoke jewellery, one of the most popular items being their brightly hued ceramic earrings, available from the store for $63.



An Instagram giant that has 215k followers as of today, Alex Mika was established by four sisters in New York and now commands a global presence. They offer a range of unique necklaces, rings and earrings with special designs and colours. There is also a guidance section of how to choose the right gifts for a partner, and worldwide shipping is available on all orders. A jewellery designer all millennials must make a note of.


From east coast to west coast, a rising star in Instagram which had its roots in Los Angeles is Poppy Chain. Having secured a deal with Etsy, they now ship their goods worldwide and have a large following. Their forte is necklaces chains of all shapes, sizes and designs, all offered at bargain prices. The Rose pendant is a high-quality 10k yellow gold piece and one of their best sellers. Follow them now on Instagram to keep abreast with the latest jewellery trends.


Established in 2009, Noor Fares has developed her brand spectacularly over the last decade and now has 62k followers to her credit. Her focus is on pendants and bespoke jewellery with Arabic, Sanskrit and oriental themes, many of which often adorned with precious rocks and minerals. Her Instapage is supplemented with breath-taking scenery and poetic panoramic shots-if you wish to indulge yourself in an exotic world of gold and diamonds, look no further than this jewellery designer.



Heavily inspired by goth culture, Ed Wilson is a new entry to the world of jewellery designers but his appeal cannot be denied. There is a plethora of men’s jewellery for sale through his Instagram site, including rings, bracelets and cufflinks and most of which boast 18k yellow gold content. The Skull based pirate rings and Tourmaline gold ring are hot sellers for those looking to take a walk on the darker side.


Based in Copenhagen, this Danish jewellery designer specialises in homemade men’s jewellery items, most of which feature high quality oxidised silver. Their bespoke products are rare and native to the region, most notably the elegantly crafted Baltic amber necklace which is available via their store. With the support of 9.3k followers, you must give this designer a look in.

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Georgina Trevino Jewellery are San Diego based and in a short time have procured 11k followers and recognition and promotion via Vogue. Their earrings are one of a kind and come in a variety of colours and angelic themes. Their most notable product is the ‘Bamboo Hoop’ a 2.5″ long 14k gold plated brass with septum rings, hand made for $160. This is one of the jewellery designers you will hear a lot about in the future.


Eddie Borgo travels the world sourcing rocks and minerals to craft into his merchandise, and his jewellery designs reflect a rock and roll theme. As of today, he has 68.7k followers and his clientele includes the likes of Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid and Mila Kunis. The Instagram site also provides guidance on choosing jewellery and the painstaking process Eddie takes to craft his pieces to perfection.


This French jewellery designer has an affinity for diamonds and it is showcased in their masterpiece collection. The Desert bloom and Wild Moon diamond necklaces exude grace and luxury and the site is both aesthetically pleasing on the eye and full of resources for choosing the ideal product for yourself. Not excluding the drop dead gorgeous models, either.


So why not hop on board with these jewellery designers now? Do you have any other recommendations? We’d love to hear!

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