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10 Jaw-Dropping Female Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 Jaw-Dropping Female Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

If you're looking for some tattoo inspiration, check out these impressive female tattoo artists! We put together a list of our favorite ones!
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Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Or do you appreciate tattoos just for the art? Whatever your reason, check out this list of talented female tattoo artists. These creative ladies are sure to inspire you!

1. Rebecca Vincent

With so many great female tattoo artists out there, Rebecca Vincent stands out with her clear vision and meticulous execution. This London-based tattoo artist specialises in black ink, illustrative tattoos. Drawing inspiration from botanical art and natural history, she’s at her best tattooing tiny critters and decorative flowers. Her style is unabashedly feminine, creating pieces that drape the skin with elegance.


2. Tahlia Undarlegt

Working mostly in black ink, Sydney artist Tahlia Undarlegt creates illustrative tattoos that are delightfully strange and spooky. On her Instagram you’ll find an assortment of pieces, from psychedelic monsters to plants with many eyes. She’s not afraid to push the boundaries of whats normal.

10 Jaw-Dropping Female Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

3. Hannah Nova Dudley

This New Zealand artist specialises in all things floral and feminine. Her delicate linework creates tattoos that are soft, decorative and precise down to the small detail. She creates wearable works of art for anyone who is lucky enough to have one of her designs etched onto their skin.


4. Hannah Flowers

Next to so many talented female tattoo artists, Hannah Flowers stands out with her artistic flair. This UK artist celebrates colour, creating vibrant tattoos that are magical and luxurious. Her subject matter is often women, who are otherworldly in their beauty, transfixing audiences with their powerful stares. Every tattoo is different and a piece of art in itself, so she’s definitely worth a follow if you want to be inspired by her beautiful tattoos.

10 Jaw-Dropping Female Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram


5. Clare Clarity

Based in Melbourne, Clare Clarity creates neo-traditional tattoos for the child at heart. Her tattoos have a sense of humour and whimsy, from dog portraits to playful pin-ups. Every tattoo is bright and colourful, looking like stickers on the skin. Check out her super cute Instagram feed if you want to follow an artist who is sure to inspire you!

6. Phoebe Hunter

There are so many jaw-dropping female tattoo artists, but Phoebe Hunter is a must follow on Instagram. Her soft and illustrative style creates tattoos that are both dreamlike and detailed. Each tattoo is distinct and showcase her surreal point of view. She is definitely a tattoo artist to watch!

10 Jaw-Dropping Female Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram


7. Kelly Violet

This London-based artist creates rich and bold tattoos that are meant to be seen. Her tattoos are organic and flowing, containing subject matter inspired by the natural world, such as animals and plants. Her heavy use of black gives the tattoos a lot of depth, giving them an inimitable power and intensity.


8. Annita Maslov

Annita Maslov’s style harks back to Victorian etchings and illustrations. She creates intricate tattoos, drawing inspiration from botanical and gothic imagery. If you want to be inspired by her creative vision and impeccable application, make sure you follow her on Instagram!

9. Livia Tsang

Based in Toronto, Livia Tsang is a force to be reckoned with. She dabbles in everything, from black-and-grey to colour, realism to surrealism. There is no subject matter she is afraid to try, either, as she is at home doing portraits as much as naturalistic pieces. What makes her unique among other female tattoo artists is that she doesn’t use a heavy black outline, which is the more traditional approach. The result is a unique style that is soft and lifelike.

10. Shell Valentine

The only way to describe Shell Valentine’s tattoos is fun. Her tattoos are cute and colourful, favouring nostalgic, kitsch and pop culture subjects. It’s impossible not to smile when going through her Instagram feed.


How inspiring are female tattoo artists! Are you planning on getting a tattoo? Tell us your vision in the comments below!

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