It’s Not Too Late! Here Are Some Tips For The Perfect Bikini Body

Women tend to feel guilty this time of year for not having that perfect bikini body, but fear not there is always a way to tone up and feel a bit better. The key is to always love yourself no matter how you look. Here are some tips for the perfect bikini body.

It’s so hard for women these days when summer is near. We always feel so much pressure to fit into a body according to society’s standards which is flat stomach, curves and a thigh gap. We also feel guilty and not confident at all if we don’t have those or if we didn’t work hard enough to have a body like that for the summer. But there is always a way to tone up and feel a bit better. The key is to always love yourself no matter how you look. Here are some tips for the perfect bikini body.

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You have to be consistent with your workouts if you want to see results! If you want those gains, you have to stick to a planned workout schedule and not exercise every Monday and Saturday. There is a huge gap between those days that lets you relax. Go for a jog in between those two gym days or cycle. Be active consistently and not once in a while.

Less sugar

See what I’m saying there? I say less and not NONE. You should never not give yourself what you’re craving because when you give in to chocolate, you feel guilty for eating it afterward. If you want to have two cheat days a week, go for it but make sure to be healthy the rest of the week. A simple trick to control those cravings for unhealthy food is to actually have a bite or two of it. Do you want Doritos? Then have two pieces for the craving to go away. Do you want sweeties? Then have a little bit and not the whole bag. Save it for your cheat day but do eat a bit for the craving to go away.

Add one more day to your exercise schedule

Up your workout game by adding one more day of exercising to your schedule. If you’re already exercising 5 times a week, you’re fine, don’t do it. I like a little challenge myself so instead of exercising 3-4 times a week, I go 4-5 times closer to the summer. That’s how I keep up with consistency too!!

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Proportioned dinner

I make sure to eat on a small plate. Portion control is really important, not only when you’re trying to tone but always. Continuing to eat when your stomach is full is easy to do. Because the food is there on the plate, we feel like we have to eat it not listening to our bodies telling us that we’re full. So listen to your body, eat normal sized portions and stop when you’re full. These are great tips for the perfect bikini body!

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Go the long and hard way

In your everyday life try to be more active. Walk to work, I know you can do this! Instead of taking the lift, go up the stairs for a bit of cardio! Be active, choose the slightly harder way!

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More water

Yes, water!! You have to flush all the toxins out! Hydration is key when toning both for energy levels and for detox. Also, sometimes we feel hungry for no reason, even if we just ate. Well, you’re not hungry but thirsty so drink up! Buy a cute water bottle to feel more motivated to drink.

A few tips for the perfect bikini body.

What are your tips for the perfect bikini body? Let us know in the comments below!
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