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Is The No Carb Diet Healthy For Your Body?

Is The No Carb Diet Healthy For Your Body?

We've all heard of the No Carb Diets - the most heard of being the Keto diet. But is having zero carbs healthy for our bodies?

This week we are exploring if No Carb Diets Are Healthy For Our Bodies!

We’ve all heard of the No Carb Diets – the most heard of being the Keto diet. But is having zero carbs healthy for our bodies? I’ll take you on my journey of discovery of when I tried it out.

A Quick Fix?

Yes, Girls and Guys, we’ve all been there. Scrolling through endless pictures of GORGEOUS models and clothing brands desiring their beautiful and perhaps unrealistic physique, dreaming of the day we’ll attain their figures. These daydreams quickly turn into searching for a fast fix of extreme weight loss. But is this possible and is a no carb diet healthy?


A Tip From The Italians…

Italy is home to the carb land. With pasta, bread and everything carbie, Italy is the devil for a no carb diet. From this culture, it is important to note that all bodies are different and what may work for one individual, may not always work for another.

Listen To Your Body!

The first Top Tip is to understand your metabolism and your body type. The  Question: Is The No Carb Diet Healthy For Your Body?


It completely depends on your lifestyle and your digestive system. For me, carbs are a no-go-zone. The look of any gluten or carb based meal will make my stomach swell. However, my best friend is size 0 with a carb diet larger than an Italian family.

Essentially, the understanding of your own body is at the foundations of whether the No Carb Diet is Healthy or not for you. The key to unlocking your diet is to listen and experiment. For some this takes some time, so don’t think you’ll find the fix straight away.


The Keto Diet

One of the most best known No Carb Diets. So what is it?

It’s a very low carb diet where essentially your body turns into a fat burning machine. “Keto” is a ketogenic diet which means when your glucose supply is short it produces “Ketones” to fuel your body.

Ketones are produced if you are eating few carbs that are quickly broken down into blood sugar (moderate amounts of protein can also be converted into blood sugar).


Ketones supply your body, but also your brain with energy produced from fat by the liver. Essentially, on a ketogenic diet, your entire body switches its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fat. Insulin levels become low and fat burning increases considerably. The access to your fat store becomes easy.

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It’s definitely worth doing some in-depth research before trying out the Keto Diet or anyone other No Carb Diet. It does come with some health warnings and things to be aware of!


Pros and Cons

Let explore together some of the pros and cons to a No Carb Diet.


  • Helps weight loss
  • Less hungry (dependant)
  • A steady supply of energy
  • Feeds your brain
  • Stay alert and focused
  • Very few food limitations
  • Easy to stick to
  • Cheap and affordable
  • No limit to the amount you eat
  • Negatives:    Don’t do it if you’re –
    • Diabetic – take insulin
    • High Blood pressure
    • Breastfeed
    • Bodily change ie. energy levels at the beginning


It’s important to note that our bodies work differently so this is only what I had expressed when trying out the keto diet. There is no quick fix or guarantee that a No Carb Diet will make you healthy or not.


Going from eating carbs to little or none will take some adjusting. I’m not entirely convinced its a long term solution to a Healthy Body but done correctly I wouldn’t see there be a huge health issue associated with it.

Whats’ Your Favourite Diet Plan? Let Us Know in the Comments Below!

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