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Is the IV Vitamin Infusion The Latest Health Trend?

Is the IV Vitamin Infusion The Latest Health Trend?

Intravenous vitamin infusion is the new trend amongst celebrities who swear by its benefits. The idea is to make you feel healthier, provide a boost of energy, and instantly get the vitamins you need. However, is this a fad in the health community?

Intravenous vitamin infusion is a way to inject vitamins straight into the blood stream. This supposedly helps boost energy levels and brain function, which is said to have anti-ageing effects. The trend has become popular with celebs like Simon Cowell and Rita Ora, singing its praises (pardon the pun), but why not consume vitamins in regular food form or even tablet form, rather then inject them directly into the blood stream?

The boost you get from an IV drip is intense and definitely takes effect quicker.

You can feel like you have mounds of energy for a while but with that comes with a crash! The extreme highs comes extreme lows, and even this expensive treatment can’t defy mother nature. Like most fad health trends now, to reap the full benefits of IV Vitamin Infusion, you would have to have a very large and bottomless pit of money to maintain the treatments and avoid the crash.


There has been little research into the long-term effects of this new form of healthy therapy.

Experts recommend moderate use of this newly established therapy, as it’s not been around long enough to determine its effects on the body. In fact, the only medical evidence we have of the IV Vitamin Infusion is its use in hospitals, where it is often used to treat forms of cancer and various illness. However, even the vitamin infusion isn’t guaranteed to be the “cure” to all of these diseases.

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Therefore, if you’re just feeling a bit sluggish or have over drank the night before, I would recommend drinking some water, taking a multivitamin tablet, and learning your lesson the old way.


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