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Is It Ever Acceptable To Talk To Your Parents About Sex?

Is It Ever Acceptable To Talk To Your Parents About Sex?

Have you ever talked to your parents about sex? Is it something that's even acceptable to do, regardless of how old you are?

Let’s talk about sex baby. Personally I find it very easy to talk about sex to anyone, including my parents. In fact, my mum is my gossip partner and I love how open we can be with one another. We don’t go into graphic details but it’s nice to know that she’s there if I need to ask her anything or if I am unsure about something. However, many people don’t feel comfortable talking about sex in general, and would never dream of talking about sex with their parents (I definitely wouldn’t talk to my Dad about sex). The purpose of this article is to explore the question: ‘is it ever acceptable to talk to your parents about sex?’. So let’s begin:

Yes- Your parents have sex too.

Many of my friends are totally appalled by the fact their parents have sex; as far as they’re concerned, their parents have only been intimate to produce children – so once or twice in many cases. But this isn’t realistic. Sex is natural and healthy. It is the reason you exist for crying out loud! You can talk to your parents about sex because they are human and they do it too.

Yes- Your parents will have more experience than you.

Naturally being older, your parents would have had much more experience when it comes to sex compared to yourself. This means that you can receive the best sex education from them and it might be better to talk to someone you know and trust as opposed to a doctor or nurse (although some people prefer it the other way round). You can learn from them and ask for their advice – you should be able to talk to your parents about anything, no matter how awkward or embarrassing. It’s also important to talk to your parents about sex as they will be more honest with you and prepare you more than movies which can create unrealistic and romanticised expectations about sex.

Yes-When you want to do it for the first time.

My brother came in my bedroom and announced to me the first time he had sex but funnily enough I didn’t feel I could do the same! However, I did talk to my parents when I was thinking of having sex for the first time. Not that I needed their approval or because they necessarily needed to know, but I felt like I wanted to share it with them and to show them that I was ready. I was also a little scared and wanted my mum to reassure me that everything was going to be aright like she did when I was a child. I don’t regret doing this and would encourage other people to do the same.

Yes-to be safe.

Linking to the above, I spoke to my mum about sex also in terms of protection. I knew I wanted to go on the pill and wanted my mum to be aware of this. It can be very important to talk to your mum about sex when it comes to contraceptives, as you might not be able to take certain types depending on your family history. For example, if the women in your family are susceptible to blood clotting then you’d have to work out the best form with the least risk of clotting. So it can be necessary to talk to your parents from a health perspective. Your parents can also give you tips for how to prevent sexually transmitted infections and diseases and help you take action if you do develop one, or if an unwanted pregnancy does occur.

Yes-Google isn’t God.

Although you can find many answers on Google when it comes to sex, and typing words into a search engine is less confronting than having a face to face conversation with your parents, Google doesn’t know everything. Your parents might not either, but they know you better than Google so might be able to help you out as an individual, whereas Google is aimed at a more general audience.

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No-Don’t go into details.

The thought of my parents (and my brother) knowing every intimate detail of my sex life makes me die a little inside. Although I think its great to talk to your parents about sex, it isn’t acceptable to overshare with your parents. There’s a limit to what you should talk about. Keep it PG – ask for advice or information, discuss ways to be safe, keep them updated every now and then like when you lose your virginity, or if you have a new sexual partner. But don’t tell them every detail every time you have sex.

No-If your parents are against you having sex.

At the end of the day, sex is a personal choice. Only you can decide if you’re ready to have sex, and who you want to consent to have sex with. If your parents are against you having sex, for example for religious reasons, or if they are more traditional and want you to wait until after you are married, then it might not be acceptable to talk to them about sex. You need to respect their views on sex and honour their values. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other people to talk to such as friends, other family members like older siblings, and doctors and nurses.

So there you have it, a list of reasons why and when it is, versus when it isn’t, acceptable to talk to your parents about sex. I lean more towards it always being acceptable. What’s your opinion? Answer in the comment section below.
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