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8 Interview Tips That Will Get You The Job

8 Interview Tips That Will Get You The Job

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Some people find them easy and are naturals at them. Others, have a more difficult time. They’re not there to catch you out, however. They just want to see who you are and get to know you more personally. Here are 8 interview tips that will help get you the job.

1. Plan your outfit the night before.

Make it as easy as possible for yourself and plan out the outfit the day before so that you have an easier, stress-free morning. It will make you feel calmer and you can even try out a few options until you find the perfect clothes. You don’t have to necessarily where black trousers and a white shirt like you’re back in school. You can experiment with patterned shirts, skirts and tights, whatever you feel comfortable in. Make an effort, that’s all they want from you.

2. Research the company beforehand.

It’s always a useful interview tip to research the company you’re being interviewed by. Get to know their current projects, see the staff list and who could be interviewing you, it’ll make you feel more prepared and will make them believe that you are dedicated to getting the job. The more effort the better. Some companies will provide their own interview tips too, it’s a way to help you understand what they’re looking for and for you to make sure it’s a company you’re happy to work with.


3. Try to smile when you arrive. Don’t let the nerves control you.

First impressions can be key. Always smile and look welcoming. You want them to know that you’re easy to work with and are happy to be there. They’ll understand that you’ll be nervous, it’s natural. But don’t sit there quiet and frowning because you’re scared, it’s not a great impression and can make them feel awkward too.

4. Take your time and pause before you answer. You’re allowed to think before you give a response.

The questions aren’t there to catch you out. They want to know how creative you can be and what skills you possess. Perhaps avoid ‘um-ing’ and ‘argh-ing’ but a good interview tip is that you can stop to think before you answer, they even welcome it! They want you to give the best answer possible and they will wait to hear it. You don’t have to answer immediately, give yourself a little bit of time to think. They’ll appreciate it and it’ll calm you down further.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Maybe even plan some before you go in.

Once you’ve done some research, plan out a couple of questions. You are most likely allowed to take a notebook with you so write them down. Open up the page at the end so that even if they answered them already, they can see that you were curious and organised. Employers appreciate it when you’re interested in the company, so prove that you are. Avoid questions about pay though, doesn’t always look good asking about that if it’s already clearly stated. Don’t get greedy!


6. Ask someone to take you if you’re too nervous.

A good interview tip is to plan the journey in advance. If you think you’ll be too nervous to drive yourself or to take public transport, ask a friend or family member to take you. It takes the pressure off of yourself and can be a great support. They can either help you out on the journey, ask you questions or quiz you on the company, or, if that makes you feel worse, they can just be there to take your mind off of it. They’ll want to be supportive, let them, it does help. The calmer you are, the better you’ll be able to think.

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7. If you feel fidgety, move your feet instead.

One interview tip I was given by an employer, was to stop fidgeting with my hands and to use my feet or toes. Fidgeting is understandable but can be a red flag if done too often. By wiggling your toes, you’ll hide your nerves whilst also getting them out in a safe and professional way.


8. Breathe! They understand it’s not easy.

Most employers are actually incredibly nice. They’ll want you to feel comfortable and understand that interviews aren’t always easy. Breathe before you go in. Focus on it, allow yourself a minute to compose yourself. They want the interview to go well just as much as you do, remember that.

Believe in yourself. If this one doesn’t work out, it’s experience for the next. Take in as many interview tips as possible and prepare for the day. You’ve got this! What are your interview tips? Tell us in the comments!
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