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12 Interview Questions That Will Make You Go ???

12 Interview Questions That Will Make You Go ???

If you're getting ready to go on an interview and want to know what they may ask, here are 12 of the weirdest interview questions people have been asked!

Interviews are petrifying at the best of times, as you sit trembling on your seat wondering if you’ll get into the university of your dreams, that 35 grand grad job, or even that retail job that will pay for your trip to Majorca for the summer, so it doesn’t help when you get asked a question that just really throws you for a loop. And for celebrities, an interview can even be career-destroying, or career- making! Either way, there are some hilarious/awkward/questionable interview situations knocking about so here is our list of real-life interview questions that will make you go ???

1.Trader Joe’s and Penguins

A prospective employee for the American grocery chain Trader Joe’s was once famously asked, ‘What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?’ Check if it still had a heartbeat? Eat it maybe? This unlikely circumstance was obviously something Trader Joe’s wanted to consider as a future possibility for whatever reason! This is definitely one of the strangest interview questions.

2.Managerial Munchies

A candidate was asked for a managerial position at Aston Consulting, ‘How do you make a tuna sandwich?’ If that’s the crucial skill for a managerial role my 5-year-old niece is probably suited for the job too.


3.Carla Delevigne

You might remember the notorious interview by Good Morning Sacramento in which the interviewers questioned Cara Delevigne on her film ‘Paper Towns’, first by getting her name wrong, and then by insulting her by asking if she was ‘just tired’ and if she had even read the book the film was based on, before suggesting she should get a Red Bull. Ouch.

4.Petty Theft

A candidate at Jiffy Software was asked if they had ever stolen a pen at work. Talk about a moral dilemma. If stealing a pen really stealing? What if you replaced it with another pen? So many questions!

5.Marbles and Maths

Imperial University in London once asked one of its students how many marbles they could fit into the room for a position with a Pro Bono consulting group. You’d probably lose your ow marbles trying to work out something like that.


6.Invasion of Privacy

In 2015, Jerry Penacoli asked Scarlett Johansson whether she was able to wear undergarments under her Black Widow costume. Since when was it acceptable to ask about someone’s underwear for an interview, unless the particular interview is about lingerie? It’s safe to say Johansson was not amused.

7.Ariana Grande’s Feet

A major point of celeb interviews is to get all the hot goss but asking whether your feet smell, as an interview asked Ariana Grande in 2014, is really not that interesting. Either way, Grande denied is, so I guess her feet are squeaky clean at all times.

8.Lady Gaga’s Private Bits

A few years ago there were rumours flying about that Lady Gaga was actually a man, but one journalist had the audacity to ask the singer if she in fact had a penis. Lady Gaga responded with sass that her ‘beautiful vagina’ was offended.


9.Count your Cows

Google seems like a pretty quirky place to work, and their interview questions support that supposition. The company once asked a candidate how many cows there are in Canada, so if sheep don’t work for you, try counting cows at bedtime and you might just get a job at a massive conglomerate.

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10.Even More Maths

A successful candidate at consulting firm PwC was asked how many people they thought passed through King’s Cross station every morning. So that’s the number of platforms, multiplied by the number of trains, multiplied by the number of Harry Potter films, divided by how many times England has lost the World Cup… ☹


11.Boobs are Funny

On the topic of her relationship with then 17-year-old Harry Styles, Leigh Francis a.k.a Keith Lemon asked Caroline Flack about Harry, ‘Why you were having sex with him, did he just giggle at your boobs?’ Very mature. And a little bit funny.

12.Cardi B in General

Cardi B is a character that constantly makes me go ??? She’s done many an interview and it’s not the questions themselves but the responses that are the funny ones. Simple questions like Jimmy Fallon asking her if she’s from the Bronx, or Ellen just asking if she goes by Cardi B warrant hilarious expressions and sounds from the rapper. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen the interviews.

A jab at some of these questions might prepare you for the most important interview of your life! So, how many cows are there in Canada??


What are some of the most random interview questions you have been asked? Let us know in the comments below!

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