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5 Interior Colour Schemes You’ll Love

5 Interior Colour Schemes You’ll Love

Looking to redecorate your home but don't really know how? Check out our 5 interior colour schemes you'll love to find some inspo!

With the inspiration of summer, there’s no better time to add some colour to your life and consequently, to your home. Redecorating can help boost your mood, so if you’re feeling like you need a change in your life, changing your surroundings might help. We want to feel great in our home, our safe place, so it helps if that space looks and makes us feel great too! So, add a little personality to your home and try one of our 5 interior colour schemes you’ll love.

1. Join The Dark Side

If dark colours are your vibe, look to add elements of black and grey to your home for a minimalistic, modern feel. Cool tones can work wonderfully in the home, and will instantly make your home feel smart and look professional. But be careful, you don’t want the whole place looking like something from the Addams Family. Try adding subtle tones of darkness to your home, like a dark statement fireplace, or a dark coffee table. When done right, dark and shadowy tones come into their own in a home, and are best balanced with larger areas of neutral colours, especially white.

2. Outstanding Orange and Mellow Yellows

If you’re looking for a bright interior colour scheme for your home, look no further than oranges and yellows. These colours may seem quite daunting, but done right especially in homes with a good amount of life, you’ll home will be brought to life in no time. The key when decorating with oranges and yellows, is to think subtly, for example, a yellow wall in your bathroom, with matching shower curtain and towels perhaps. With orange, accessories such as lamps and cushions are very complimentary. Subtle hints of bright colours can bring your home to life and transform the space in no time, and the feel-good vibes of these colours will instantly create the same summer vibe in your home!


3. Perfect Pinks

Cool, pink blush tones are great for adding a warm, light feel to your home. For this interior colour scheme, consider pinks and plums, which will be great for when the warmer months arrive, along with dusty roses and deep plum tones. These colours go great with white or brown accessories, for example, a deep plum wall will match perfectly with cosy blankets in mauve and wooden tables, making your space feel homely and autumnal in no time.

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4. Go Green

Green creates cool warm tones, and with the colour palette of green being so diverse, there’s plenty of colour options for you to explore, and a great option for interior colour schemes. Whether you go for a light, subtle mint green, an ever-increasingly popular forest green or a darker, deep, emerald, green is the colour to decorate your home this season. Paired well with blue, or yellow accessories, green colour schemes look great mixed with white backdrops too, and the various mix of cool tones of will have your home looking stylish and fresh in no time.


5. All White Everything

Proving that colour doesn’t have to be bold to be beautiful, white is a great interior colour scheme in your home can create a clean cut and minimalistic feel. White is great, but if you want to add a bit more tone, consider stone or eggshell. Neutral colours pair well with light or dark wooden furniture, creating a vintage, rustic feel. Consider house plants to liven up your home, and these will be great as a stand out feature against those white walls. Before you know it, your home will look and feel timeless, and the best thing about white is you can accessorise with whatever colour accessories you want!

Choosing an interior colour scheme for your home can be tricky, but colour is a powerful tool and can easily transform any plainer space and bring it to life! So pick your favourites, pick up your paintbrush and get ready to make waves!

Got a favourite interior colour scheme? Let us know in the comments!

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