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The 8 Most Instagrammable Spots In Hull

The 8 Most Instagrammable Spots In Hull

Hull is filled to the brim with some great Instagram spots! Here are our top picks for places you can go to snap pics in Hull!

Never considered the Hull hotspots to feature on your Instagram? Well, I’ve done the hard part for you. Check out this list of the most instagrammable spots in Hul. I wanted to break through those stereotypes that the 2017 city of Culture is pretty dull. Hence why I’ve collaborated some of the best, and my own favourite views in Hull that you should definitely check out. Including ones that celebrate our history and coastal location, and others that make sure it’s never dull in Hull. The spots vary, so there should be at least one that suits your Instagram vibe. Whether you prefer funky scenes or stunning and impressive views around the city, check out these spots that you may have never thought about before! Or ones that you pass every day and could maybe stop to appreciate. If you’ve never been to Hull, hopefully some of these ideas will inspire inside you a desire for a visit. The list also includes some great Hull attractions you could do whilst you were here also. See for yourself #NeverDullInHull #HullHotspots

1. The Deep

The Deep is Hull’s fantastic aquarium. Famously known for its impressive architecture, this building has so many angles and looks. Even more than Spiderpig. An impressive view whatever the weather, maybe I am biased. Obviously, a sun set pic is always a favourite. Check out the couple of statues surrounding the deep entrance too, like the shark!

2. The Humber Bridge

You know you’re home when you see the Humber bridge from the train. One of Hull’s most iconic features. The San Francisco of the UK? Oh, we’ll take it. Bridges make better days, and better Instagram posts! Head down to the foreshore for even better angles and views from below.


3. Hessle Road

“Heads will roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Nahh mate, round here we sing “Hessle road” (try and unhear that now). Head down Hessle road to see some awesome graffiti murals. Celebrating Hull’s fishing history. These huge images remind us of Hull’s history in a celebratory and colourful way. This spot is perfect for those who love a bit of history on their gram.

4. City Hall

This is one of the beautiful buildings right in the heart of Hull. The whole square where the Hall resides is full of other stunning buildings and architecture. Don’t forget to look up!

5. The Marina

Make the most of the uniqueness of Hull as a coastal town. You can often capture beautiful sunset shots of the boats in the marina. Plus, the boats themselves are pretty cool, look out for the pirate ship.


6. Ferens Art Gallery

Host of the 2017 Turner Prize. The art gallery itself is just as beautiful as the art it presents inside.

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7. Humber Street

Humber street is a perfect Instagram spot for all those who love a good graffiti wall pose. There’s a variety of hotspots to check out down the street. Be sure to check down every alleyway so you don’t miss the out of the way wall art that will add so much colour to your gram. A Hull instagrammable hotspot where you’ll “never yawn.”


8. Queen’s Gardens

If you want to add a touch of nature to your gram head to Queen’s gardens. This place is definitely best in spring and summer when all the flowers are out. Take a sandwich and sit on the grass. A beautiful lunch spot and a great Hull location to take advantage of.

There are many beaut and instagrammable spots in Hull. Another great aspect of Hull is that it isn’t too extensive of a city so you could even go visit a multiple of these spots in a day. Go check them out for yourself. I hope Hull surprises you, in a good way.

Let me know your favourite and most instagrammable spots in Hull in the comments!
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