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12 Instagram Worthy Nail Designs To Rock This Summer

12 Instagram Worthy Nail Designs To Rock This Summer

These Instagram worthy nails will make your summer so much hotter this year. With these nail designs, you'll be an Instagram influencer in no time.

There is no better feeling than walking out of the nail salon with a fresh set, but finding the perfect nail design is no easy task. You need to consider the season, how long you need them to last, any upcoming events you have planned, and what outfits they will clash with. You could scroll through Instagram and Pinterest all day trying to find the perfect nail designs, or you could simply read through this condensed list of 12 Instagram worthy nails to rock this summer.

1. 50/50

These red hot 60’s inspired nails are perfect for summer, minimal and bold. You won’t have to worry about infills as these cute gel nails won’t be growing out any time soon, but beware of chipping them. Short and rounded, this nail design is office appropriate if you’re working the summer away.

2. Pick and Mix

These matte pick and mix gels are a safe choice all year round, alternating shades of pink and red but could be done with any shade of colours as long as they were matching i.e light blue to dark blue. Neat and tidy, this nail design would look great on any nail shape long or short, glossy or matte.


3. Eyes On The Back Of Your Hand

This unique design is out there are perfect for summer 2019! Again this design would look fabulous on any set of nails regardless of shape and length but we think it looks great on these short and squared gel nails. The blue eyes really stand out but why not ask for the eye colour to match your own!

4. Paint Splatter

They say the quietest people have the loudest minds, and we think this quiet nail design says everything it needs to. Simple does not mean boring and these nails are anything but! Any colour would be beautiful but there’s something quite punchy about the black splatters against the natural nail.


5. Wrapped Around Your Finger

The perfect break up nails, snakes are a symbol of the transformation of energy and the shedding of their skin represents being reborn.

6. Beach Towels

This nail design reminds me of the huge beach towels your mum would bring along on holiday, re-live those memories at the beach this summer with these colourful beauties.

7. Floral Touch

Best achieved with nail wraps, these floral nails work best in spring and summer on longer rounded nails. This nail design will compliment any outfit.


8. The Moon And The Stars

I love this nail design to the moon and back. Seriously beautiful, this subtle sticker design works well with pale pink nails. Perfect for any summer weddings.

9. Green Fingers

Probably easiest achieved with pressed flowers and leaves bought online, these luscious green goodies will be held down with a clear gel overlay.


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10. Ocean Waves

Adorable on these short, rounded nails but could easily work on longer nails or acrylics. Glossy pale pink on the index and middle finger and a matte topping over the ring and pinkie finger with this gorgeous wave design.


11. Coloured Ombre

Perfect for long acrylic nails, this nail design was recently seen on Kylie Jenner with this exact shade so you know it’s going to be a favourite this summer.


12. Picasso Nails

This Picasso inspired nail design is giving us some serious summer vibes! Cute and quirky, these will work for any nail length and shape and any other colours although we love these short pink and orange nails.

What set are your favourite nail designs or do you have some of your own? Share your favourite nail designs in the comments below!

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