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The Most Instagram-Worthy Food In London You Need To Try

The Most Instagram-Worthy Food In London You Need To Try

For the best Instagram posts, head to these amazing places for the most Instagram worthy food in London, from sweet treats to savory restaurants!
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We all know that eating out in London is expensive. If you do decide to go out for a nice meal, chances are high you will want to Instagram your meal – either as a memory of the nice day you had, to make your friends jealous or to remember where all your money went! Either way, this is a list of the most Instagram-worthy food in London that will taste just as good as it looks!

1. Dreamy ice cream from Milktrain.

If you have a sweet-tooth and an Instagram account, Milktrain Café in Covent Garden is THE place to be. Ice cream, all your favourite toppings and a cloud of candy floss, what more could you wish for?

2. Afternoon tea at Sketch.

If your sweet cravings are not yet fulfilled and you don’t mind a bit of a splurge, head over to the Gallery in Sketch. Settle down and indulge in a luxurious Afternoon Tea in a beautiful pink setting. Don’t forget to also go for a toilet break and snap a selfie with their quirky, egg-shaped toilets and colourful ceiling.


3. Magnificent maki at Sticksnsushi.

If after all those sweets you’re ready for something savoury and you’re a lover of a good piece of maki or nigiri, Sticksnsushi is where it’s at! Their classic interior and Danish-inspired traditional sushi make for a great food post. Tip: the beautifully presented sharing platters make a great Instagram.

4. Duck, waffles and views.

Lover of delicious food and breathtaking views? If you haven’t been to Duck & Waffle yet, you have been missing out. Dazzling views from the 40th floor, mouth-watering duck and waffles (what’s in a name?) and open 24/7, this is what life is about.

Tip: plan and book well ahead, since this is a very popular spot.


5. Peggy Porschen’s cupcake heaven.

Cupcakes, flowers and everything pink? If you are screaming “Yes!” right now, then head over to Peggy Porschen straight away. Their award-winning cupcakes and the extremely cute, pink setting will make all your princess dreams come true and all your Instagram followers extremely jealous.

6. Treat yourself at Farmgirl Café.

Breakfast, lunch, cake, latté art…this hidden gem in Notting Hill has it all! In addition to being extremely tasty, everything is holistic and healthy as well. So, you can stuff your face with cake, even when it’s not your cheat day!

7. Yolkin’s sweet treasures.

If it happens to be a Saturday or Sunday, if you happen to be in the Covent Garden area and if you happen to crave something sweet, get yourself a macaron ice cream sandwich. Yes, you heard that correctly. Macarons AND ice cream. It’s the best of both worlds you’re getting here. Check Yolkin’s website for times and locations and get there before they sell out!


8. All day breakfast at The Breakfast Club.

A heavenly stack of pancakes? Or rather a tasty burger? Or should you go for the chilli cheese fries after all? Yes, choosing will be hard, but whatever you pick, you will definitely make your friends jealous with your Instagram pictures.

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Note: you might (probably) have to wait a bit to get a table, but it is totally worth it.


9. Healthy deliciousness at Redemption Bar.

Healthy, vegan and delicious food and drinks. That’s what you will find at Redemption Bar. Their beautifully presented drinks and marble tables will only add to that great food pic.

Tip: Why don’t you also post a picture with the wings next to the entrance of Redemption Bar in Shoreditch?

10. Crosstown Doughnuts, all day, every day.

If after everything, you still haven’t got that perfect Instagram you wished for, get yourself a doughnut (or two, or three) from Crosstown Doughnuts. A photo with a delicious, tasty doughnut can only be a good photo. If not, you still have that doughnut to eat, so who’s the real winner here?

The Most Instagram-Worthy Food In London
Can you think of any more Instagram-worthy food in London that we need to try? Let us know in the comments!
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