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6 Instagram Special Effects Makeup Artists That’ll Shake Your Core

6 Instagram Special Effects Makeup Artists That’ll Shake Your Core

With the power of the internet, make up is slowly becoming a form of art: these 6 special effects makeup artists will surely shock you!

With the power of the internet, makeup is slowly becoming a form of art and self-expression that can take on all kinds of forms. As lovers of makeup, these 6 special effects makeup artists will surely shock you with what they do with it! These looks are all mindblowing, creative, and only a small look into the kinds of talents that exist out there!

1. Dain Yoon (@designdain)

We can’t start this list off without Dain Yoon, this Korean special effects makeup artist is surely one to shake up what you think is real and unreal! Her level of creativity is crazy and she takes into every single aspect around her to become part of her art! If you check out her Instagram you will see all kinds of illusions that you wouldn’t have thought to be possible prior. She’s also the same artist as the one in our header photo today because we just can’t get enough of her!

2. Cupid’s Vault (@cupidsvault)

Warning! Cupid’s vault is definitely another shell shocker special effects makeup artist! His work utterly gives me the shivers, and that’s exactly what I think he wants from us! He down and dirty with all kinds of mediums to give you the most realistic special effects that have you squirming. He is a totally different style to our last artist and takes on inspiration from all life and form!


3. Keilidh Cashell (@keilidhmua)

Inspired by Shawn Mendes’ album, Keilidh really shows her love for her makeup with this totally cool floral style! If you go to her Instagram, you will really see how much she loves makeup with all kinds of look, both beautiful and scary just like this one! Check her out on Youtube as well if you want to see how she creates this look for you to recreate the next time you need a quick look, maybe for the next Halloween?

4. Lucia Perešová (@geminiblush)

If you check out Lucia on Instagram, you’ll notice she only does looks with her eye but this will definitely not be disappointed! It’s amazing to see all the possible looks you can do with just a small space around your eye! Her attention to detail is amazing! And it just makes everything way more shocking than it already is. It looks insanely 3D that from first glance, it’ll be hard to convince you that it’s not.

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5. Keziah Joy Saunders (@artbeautychaos)

Keziah is definitely the makeup artist that’ll show you there are absolutely no boundaries to creating art! Every single picture of hers looks so different it’s almost hard to believe that they’re all the same person! She changes her hair and skin tone so much to suit every style that she’s going for that day. They’re so creative, who knows where she gets her inspiration from when it only seems like shes the inspiration here!

6. Mimi Choi (@mimles)

Now we can’t finish this list off without adding Mimi Choi to this list! Her looks are absolutely insane and will have you wondering how that is even possible! Where did her facial features go?! How does that work? Your mouth is going to be gaping the entire time you scroll through her Instagram and admire her looks! It’ll seem like photoshop but I can promise it isn’t, just pure talent! Definitely one to check out!

What were some of your favourite looks from this list? And who would you recommend as special effects makeup artists to follow? Comment below!

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